The Sun glimmered few
of it’s remaining light to me,
I hurriedly enveloped them,
For I used to lose them quite often.
But this time I had them pocketed
Well and safe, close to my heart. 

Few  light(s)  from the pasts
Are like zombie in the alleyway
Of the gyri and sulci of my mind.
Each photon I got hold of
Are dearer to me for they
Are the remnants of my time.

I watched my myself in the mirror
Illumined by the light, my face
Speaks words unknown to me.
Jitter jatter, pitter patter
As though talking gibberish to me
Or I don’t understand my own face.
//Quite a anomaly//

I had been collecting broken shards
Of broken mirrors that I broke
Every time I saw my face.
I had been collecting my letters
And words that wrote with my heart
everything I loved slipped from my hand.
Sun do sets and heralds darkness
To veil the light of my  only  sun,
But I hugged the blackness
I see myself clearly in the shadows
And in my eyes those stars twinkle,
//Stars of my  hopes//

Will you still hold my hand?
(You better not.)
Sleep by the morning with me
Unlikely! for I am not of this world.
I will still wait for the light of the morn.
And walk my path,
Singing the song that I wrote. .

©Copyright reserved

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Chasm Beh rahi- Urdu Ghazal with English Translation. With my recitation.

Chasm beh rahi meri dil ki baar se,
Yeh sehma tha dara kai raat se

Tears are rolling down from the eyelids of heart,
That was timid and prone to fear for nights.

Hum se kehta jee apne javaaz me,
Has le chor qayde fazool aafaat se.

It always said live your life the fullest
Laugh and leave all frivolous rules that cause havoc.

Tum se hi hai dil o dimagh taluq
Badgumani na karo meri koi baat se.

My heart and mind are associated with you,
Don’t misunderstand me of my talks.

Aajao seene se dhaap lo khud ko,
Tumahra ghar hai meri hi zaat se.

Come and cover yourself in the embrace (onto my chest ) .
This is your home you belong only to me.

Berokhi ki badlo ko chaak ke rolo,
Aftaab pursoz hai buland bisaat se

Cry after clearing the cloud of melancholy
The sun is shining bright in the zenith with full potential.

Naraaz ho rahe meri tarqkaat se
Aquib mutmaeen hai teri sifaat se.

You sad? Because of my wittiness.
Although Aquib is satisfied with your qualities.

The love never dies.

I used to look into her eyes,
And kiss those beautiful eye lids,
And Clasped hands together tightly
We would witness the sun
glorifying us,
We would listen to the endearing
Zephyr singing ballads.
The cuckoo bird would welcome
us with beautiful symphonies.
I told her about good tales
That fairies did exist and elves did dance.
That dreams transformed into reality,
She believed in me word by word.
Our figments of conversation
Lies in the realm magnificent.
Ah! How beautiful is to live but not live,
But live in a world of Utopia,
Where love begets love only.
The sunkissed face of mine,
Telling my stardust stories
To the moon with tears in my eyes.
I sit alone with the caricature of my beloved.
Because the love never dies.

©Copyright reserved


I have seen buring pyre
And embers glazing
I have seen the bone becoming the spike
And piercing the heart.
I have seen the asphyxiation
And turning of blue under the darkness
That strikes until you burst out.

Life is a sagacious dilemma
Where you at times get scars
All over your skin,
And flowers bloom from your cracks,
Scintillating the air with
Your sweet fragrance.
At times you walk on the hot coal
And burn in the heat until
Your skin wears off.
At times you get blown away in storm
And you land in the desolated island.
At times you cry, you wail you flak
Over the adamantine tales of past.
At times you wither away from everyone
And the people to vouch for,
Bite you and drink your blood.

Oh! these piled up parchments
In the graveyard of your mind
Holds no value.
/Ammunition for the frenzied mind/
Dispel the dark disarray
You choose to consume.
You are the bud,
Exude your fragrance
Uptil the horizon
To your people
That called you, “friend”,
To your people
Who doubted you
To the people,
Who were pulling your leg .
A sublime tryst awaits
In the garden where your smiles
Shall linger and the cuckoo
Will sing your name.

Thy shall clear the farrago
Of electricity and chemicals
making the grey matter blue.
With the prostration to the Most High
Things will just fall in place.
Just wait, till the clock ticks.
And remain steadfast on the path
Where lies the spectre of happiness.

//Keep smiling//

© Copyright reserved.


Full moon night heralds
Masked men in black to dance
Under Autumn’s sky.

Tarot cards, jinxed doll,
Bargaining souls to attain
Pleasure of this world.

Impinge holes in brains
With cellophanic f a c e s
Nature’s arm destroyed.

Loud hee-haws Spirits,
Tumulting beats to conjure,
Sniffing orphic smoke.

Naked pseudo truth
Sortilege sacrifices.

Dying hundred deaths,
Oh! beastly human cut throat .
Thou shall have no part

In the hereafter
Ye become fuel to the fire
Will ye be still stones ?

Adamantine heart
Transform into bowing tree
Redemption remains.

Slyly my ink paints
Silhouettes turned into white
Winter gains vigour.

Fire burns in the fire
Lighten up shambles in grave
Wake up from the sleep.

Pic credit- wallpaper cave


Entangled miseries she hides beneath her skin,
Swinging on ephemeral swings on trees,
with wisdom clasped beneath her molars,
She sings ballads in her words.

The riverine broke out from the head,
Pouring inundating the valley of elves,
And in an odyssey of finding love,
She found interrred self in the forest.

Happily she flaunts her teeth
To each passers by and commoners.
Embrace each morsels with zest.
Feasting on meagre mirth
Living life even on the precipice
Of the cliff where water gushes.


Copyright reserved.

I wander. .

I always wander in the alleyways of my mind,
To observe things and the smiles
though being pummeled during the time
To look down in the words to
Bring out what’s subtly sublime.

To bring magic through words
And compose ballads and iambs
Metric lines that tell languid tales
Bards’ numbers imprinted on time.
Emotions that can never be expressed
live in the metaphors and similes
Perfected like a shrine.

Copyright reserved.

Pic credit- pinterest.

Be like a periwinkle.

You see in every nook and corner the periwinkle that grows so subtly almost unnoticed and at times weeded out. The myriad of flowers ranging from blue, white and then pink bundled forming a nexus, a synergy channeling mirth in the spirit of life. The sashay of wind whispering to the ears of them tickle their laughing beans and they burst out in jocundness.
//The thing of beauty is joy forever//.

I wonder why they live life to their fullest and never adorned as the rose or the daisies or the hibiscus or tuberose. You will never see them in bouquets of flowers but they thrive in glee even though unnoticed.

//Be like a periwinkle//
Growing in the toughest of time the tides of heavy rainfall and thunder, the trample and flim flam don’t bother them. They just wear the precious jewellery that is the smile.
They cry too when they are uprooted and wilted as they are bullied by the scorns and spites and eventually die as unsung heroes.

But their unnerving spirit remains leaving behind the legacy to the world to take inspirations from.


Pic credit- Myself.

Copyright reserved.


Dedicated to my another sister Afrien.

(Me trying to scribble)

Afrien, how can be so quiet?
Having a name sung by a poet.
That’s a sluggish start of the poem
You would think Aquib is such a boy who smear.,
Aha, my dear dont mark my words

(Let me start for real.)

As the poem unfolds the years’ roll
Upon swinging air she walks with
such pride the demure channels,
Your words spread perfume over us,
Whose smell get embedded in for eternal years.
Certian is that your aura will spread like purple Kunthiana
That spread vividly wide annually over the brooks.

(let me add more hues)

There is one aura a pure like a Borealis,
Resplendently belligerent sprinkling aroma
Of puerility and refreshing souls
Like mythical Eos’s dewdrops.
Spreading saffron sparkles before dawn.
Her words, A petrichor everlasting
Smell, imprinted on naive minds.

(now comes the sarcasm)

Afrien, a dilemma of ‘i’ and ‘e’,
What name should Afreen or Afrien?
Like smoke subliming in air,
Let go this retort, bid farewell.
Well the bard in me now impersonating.

(Afrien’s rule never ends)

Eons will last your kingdom,
Uptil when the stars twinkle.
Upon Auric carpet will thy feet tread,
And shoes that no hands ever made.
Your rules certainly will never end.
You will be paid your price with
Valour and grandeur at your doorstep.


Copyright reserved.