Unsung verses

There is nothing I can say
I talk to my pillow,
About lost days where
The grass was greener
And the sun looked cooler.

I have this meagre words,
Clenched tightly in my hands,
I speak rusted speech
Unvarnished with amalgam(y).
Lies kill me everyday,
But I breathe— disappearing.

There is this girl too waiting,
I see her apparition on every cross,
May be it’s a mirage of my eyes
But I choose to admire
Till she vanish away somewhere.
I do believe , “the eyes tell lies”.

I kept my promises like coins,
The tell tales of pasts make noise,
May be walking alone is my fate,
I have reached the precipice
All I have to do is take the step.

©Aquib bilal

©Copyright reserved

You dead ?

Out of the slumber I am
In this oblivious world,
Where I feel peeps in trance,
Walking in the tune of the orders.
I opened my eyes from the
Death like sleep in the nature’s lap,
Resuscitated each dawn.
To see from the eyes the  sun rays
To hear the ballads of the nightingle
And how the sky changes color
From azure to hues of tangerine.
To us mortals who die each day
for the glitz and name,
And fear the grim reaper,
“Nay! Don’t grab my mane”,
As they cry out in golden shimmery chains.
On a tryst with my self,
I have traivailed dimensions,
Where only truth resides ,
In the yellowing pages where
Dust resides, time resides.
Have you tasted words on
Your sharp like  tongue ?
The words that you deny
That chop off the glass you wear.
This mirage we see from the eyes,
Allude to the dreary dork  path-
Dubius and disdainful.
A day awaits where everything
Will cease to exist- annihilation!
And you will then wake up again
Oh mortals! From the deep slumber
Walking dead, living, incognizant.
Death will too taste death,
Oh! immortal mortals,
You dead?
It is not your death..
©Aquib bilal

Copyright reserved.

Crimson demure

The fog and the haze blurred my vision,
But not enough to shun the rays
Emanating from the crimson demure.
A sparkling dew and the misty crystal she is.

I have seen hearts drenched in the blood of hypocrisy,
But the subliminal fragrance exuding
From The crevices and cracks of heart
Lingers in the magnificent realm,
Where peace spread her wings to fly.

Today the sun reminded me of you,
And the time where the night
Dissolves into each day,
It heralds of life that it sure has an end.
And the words I scribble will remain
Perhaps inscribed onto
the walls of the  pure hearts.

I write these letters to sing for your odes or ballads,
And my pen fearing to bleed the words.
So that on the scale they don’t fall short,
To describe the unseen , reticent—you.
You hide the tale in the mauve labyrinth—
The purple hue of the petals you collected.

These are my last few sentences for you,
Who knows about morrow,
The time is tricky to be said.
Somehere i can sense the marks
On the sands of time that you have left.

©Aquib bilal


Let stars speak tales,
Clouded air muster strength
Swiftly the rays sneak
In the bivouac of life.

Mauve sheets of dilapidated life
Burn as ink sublime
Sand of time sings lullabies
Oh mortal’s tongue keep quiet.

I yielded before my beloved,
Oft times she twisted her back,
Flying with the intoxicants
She made her dopamine high.

Sedated mind and tattered soul,
Wears she gaily the robes
Sugar coated lies sit on her lap
She cuddles with all the heroes.

World’s order have begun,
Lives are being compromised
Truthful—despised; tomahawk Gangs
Twisting lies, feeding laughing gas.

Blank verses I sang with Plath’s guise,
With Poe’s darkness I paint black
Let optimism be shot—point blank.
Dance Oh human the PiedPiper is back.


Ek jhoot tha

Ek jhoot tha jo ussey kaha,
Hai mera na ashiyana na gharana,

Ek jalti mombatti ko bas taakta raha
Woh kali ko bas door niharta raha.

Hatt gya main waqt ki daur me,
Uske sawalo me bas hami bharta raha

Woh khusi ke maare awaz deti rahi,
Maine bas hath hilake dilasa dilata raha.

Woh aaj pass hoke ke bhi bahut door h,
Main pal dar pal usey door karta raha

Wasl e waqt tha hamara ek baagh me,
Woh raah dekhti rahi aur main milne se darta raha

Uske meethe lafz aur meethe awaz
Bas yadon ka basta liye me samadar me dhalta raha.

Ek jhoot tha jo main ussey chupata raha,
Woh pass aati rahi aur main door jata raha.


Copyright reserved.


Cosmos dance on her fingertips,
Upon her eyes sparkle the rays,
The rays from the stars that
Tell myriads of flabbergasting tales.

I yelled Eureka upon finding the alchemy,
That turns any dime to the gold,
She holds the belligerent halo charm,
Illuminating wherever she goes.

Her lips muster the sweetest voice,
The sun changes hue to tangerine
Her vitreous so oceanic that when dived,
Can sail continents- being lost in her eyes.

She walks with majestic pride,
And butterflies of honour fly the aisle
Clouds drizzle flakes on her locks
And rainbows welcome her from the sky.



Copyright reserved

Image credits – https://pin.it/1eLNZ2e

the requiem

I roll up your memories
In the parched parchment,
And stack those beautifully in racks,
Found in the beautiful lanes of my mind.
I made sure to sprinkle the fragrance,
‘Your’s all time favourite’.
I don’t even remember those intricate name.
Or do I need to?
I just want to feel your embrace,
That’s my most comfortable Adobe.

I loved your innumerous kisses,
And your enamored quarrels.
I still dance the way you taught me.
And your favourite velvety blanket,
You were so hot in a literal way.
Me who is sensitive to cold
Now Tunes the AC to 16°C,
Because the kind of vampire you were.
And wished you read my poems
That i wrote each day.
For all the fights and arguments.
Although silly,
Seeing your beady eyes
Filled with most pearlescent tears
jinxed me to forget all the grudges.
your visage setting in the sunset,
your mellifluous voices that still echo in my brain,
As though you are standing right beside me,
Calling with all the nick names you have for me.

I wish for once again you peekaboo me,
I wish you prank me with your silliness,
I wish you once again retort me back.
I wish you be the same Miss Annoying queen.
I count these wishes on the stars,
And see the moon smiling at me.
Singing me the requiem of love.


© Copyright reserved.


A whirlwind blows
Plays with me hide and seek,
Some where I believe
That moon will speak to me one day.
I speak less to you
And my heart cries each day.

You will find me in nihility,
Or may be on broken boulevard.
There is a dead sea of my tears too,
Lost words grow on the rootless tree.
I hug my reflection
For God’s plan is beyond my reach.

I speak to you Oh beloved,
Don’t bask in my rays for warmth,
It is meagre in milk you are used to,
The mirth of the neon signs
And the ballyhoo of the glitz
And shine and shimmer
All is but absent.
I sit with clouds
And talk with words
And wander in the nothingness.


Ps – Poetry I inhale.


I exchange memories with the waves,
They greet me as though he is my close friend,
Comforting, consoling me for the lost love.
Letting go of the things is like breaking
The mountain,
But I learn to meander the way out.

Nothing holds me close enough.
Sitting and seeing my reflection
Waving at me and vanishing away
With the current of water.
I have never felt the catharsis like this,
I splash the water on my face
To let water kiss down all my regrets
And all the “why(s)’, that was never answered.

Waves loves me like the catecholamines ,
And the zephyr holds onto my nerves,
Hypnotizing me into magnificent
Oblivious island.
An island where I run down the shore
Laughing in merriment.
And hugging my beloved waiting
With the arms wide open.
The world inside a beautiful bubble.
Nothing is true but fancy dreams
Evolving in the child like brain.

Haq me achi batein kar jao

وقت کی معیار سے اتر جاؤ
کچھ پل اپنے نام کر جاؤ

ہمسے زمانہ تو روٹھا ہے
الودا سے قبل مِل کر جاؤ

بدگمانی کی چادر ہٹاؤ
ذرا ہمسے دوچار ہو جاؤ

اپنے کمرے میں تنہا جو
او تو احباب کے ساتھ آ جاؤ

وہ پرند ہمسے رفیق ہے
اسے ‘چھ چه’ کر نہ بھگاو

بخیلی کی تشت نہیں ہی میری
فقیروں جیسا دل بنا کے آؤ

اک عجیب ہوا بہ رہی ہے
اپنی امان کا تسکیرا کر جاؤ

وقط ki دہلیز میں کھڑے ہو
راستہ مستقیم اپنا کر جاؤ

ہا زمانے میں بندام ہی
میرے حق میں اچھی باتیں کر جاؤ

Waqt ki mayyar se utar jao,
Kuch pal apne naam kar jao.

Hamse zamana Rutha hai,
Alvida se qabl mil kar jao.

Badgumani ki chadar hatao,
Zara hamse do chaar ho jao.

Apne kamre me tanhaa ho
aao toh ahbaab ke sath aa jao.

Woh parind hamse rafeeq hai,
Usey “chu chu” kar na bhagao.

Bakheeli ki tasht nahi h meri,
Fakeero jaisa dil bana ke aao.

Ek ajeeb hawa beh rahi hai,
Apni imaan ka taskira kar jao.

Waqt ki dehleez me khade ho,
Rasta Mustaqeem apna kar jao.

Ha zamane me badnaam ho,
Mere haq me achi batein kar jao.

©️ copyright reserved