Urdu Ghazal

Gaur farmayga.

Apni muflisi ke Alam me haste rahe,
ahbab-o-dushman ka khair e maqdam karte rahe.

Gila-o- shikwa Kya, sabko gale lagate rahe,
Woh Ana parast thi toh kya, ayena dikha the rahe.

Gham me jarahi h kargare Zindagi toh Kya ,
Muskura Kar apni khusi zahir karte rahe.

Aaj Hain Kal ka kise pata ay raqeeb,
Tere ishq ki do shair hum bhi bolte rahe.

Tum ranjish me mubtala ho hum bhi Hain,
Kanton pe muskra ke hum bhi chalte rahe.

mohabb-e-mehbooba ki Meri Kya awqaat,
Chadar-e-kanaat me chain ki neend sote rahe.

Anson ko chupaya h Hain Ba Khuda “Aquib”,
Zikr-e-Rehman se Qalb ko phuslate rahe.

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Have you ever seen the
night filled with stars,
silent and so surreal
is the sky embellished
with moon and stars ,
I am like that coolness
it brings to your eyes,
Oh My love loving me
havent been difficult,
just need your embrace.
Oh love your voice is still
echoing in the valley
of my mind, that valley
that is only occupied
with your demure.
I want for you only
happiness, vermillion smiles
only to shower you with.
At every corner
At every edge
At every nook
You will find me,
Don’t rebuke me, my love.
I have never faced that.
My love! my heart is subtly sublime,
My heart is like a child
Don’t make my heart cry.
You will find love filled in me,
Your head on mine chest
Hearing my lub dub beats.


I had only meagre affection left.
That too I have used in,
building a home for you for us.
Alas! Which had no foundation.
Eventually, I saw its annihilation.
This tacit heart of mine,
Stoic like a soldier is not strong enough.
To prevent that collapse.

Wish I can give my heart
Where I once saw my home.
Wish I could tell that you are my sunshine
In my sky that had no hope.
Why is that storm arrives?
Took away my everything.
My ‘everything’ have always been ‘you’.

Now, that you have my words,
Puckered in your messy brain,
Clenched by your satin hand.
That in meandering alleys,
Or in dungeons will be your light.
Now that time has separated us
In your book I am now printed
And i know when you turn your pages.
Your eyes will not able to hold your tears.
I know the electricity of your brain.
I know you more than yourself.

Remember everything remained unfulfilled,
Like a lost child with no parents
No home shall it find.
And as time will pass!
It will too vanish in my sky.
Unsung, tacit like a dumb
Whenever you see these specks
Of dust when sunshine arrives.
These are ashes of my love
Ashes ashes and just ashes.

Nothing left when my
‘everything’ left.


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the star rose to ineffablity,
Shining almost blinding me.
It does blind me almost completely.
Oh, such beautiful that was
As murky mirth convalescing me.

A rose bloomed too in the garden
Of weeds that I have. I saw periwinkle
Daffodils jumping in jocund.
The smell sounded bells in my heart,
As some bounteous beauty .

The one that taught me to smile,
In the gloom of darkness and
Showed me the sun at the dawn ,
Stabbed my heart and kept stabbing
Until it bleeded, bleeded and bleeded.

With my spine broken I crawled,
With my breaths not giving up,
The rose dried in the garden ,
And the star died, vanished
In the black hole of uncertainty.

All those were prodigious falsehood
The memories kept haunting me,
A malignant decimation of all ‘me’.
I travailed carried myself to hault .
And saw your demure waving me.


Remember those days
when the sun smiled ,
And I was so happy with
the turning days into nights.
My heart was beating
in resonance with yours.
Now I lay in the darkness
counting my days.

I like those starry nights and moon,
I like voids around me, I love the
Symphony that silence shouts.
I am breaking, crumbling
And dying each day, faking smile.
And swimming in the turmoil
The baggage on my back
is Breaking my back.

You never encaged me ,
I was a free bird and I am
Like a falcon in the sky.
And Everytime I hear your voice
I stammer with the words
Haven’t you noticed every time?
It is how destiny works,
All in the yellow parchment of time.
One day I will be strong as you,
Interring beautiful memories
And laughter and chirpings
All in the dead land of my mind.
And begin my journey under
Land of this beautiful Earth.


Set me free

It struck me like the diamond in my gut,
Splashing my eyes open to the realities,
Grasses aren’t green and sky isn’t blue.
It’s dull and dead in the murk of blues.
The pigeon heralds of the deads
Obliterated by the blow of the time.
My life that breathes the air you breathe
What remain are now ashes of my dreams.
Now after killing me, why talk to my corpse?
Your ways are yours and mine are mine.

I am residing in the horrid dungeons,
Eating dead meat and drinking tar,
The air asphyxiate me, I could hardly see,
Your apparition waving me adieu ,
And I exchanged smiles for I know
I crave no more mirth, that’s enough.

I have lived my moments what lie with me
Are dried solitary leaves and only darkness ,
With gloomy dreams and days, I have nothing
Else, just my beating heart red as pure crimson.
Like the nightingale’s rose-crushed .
I shall die smiling, the glitz blinds me.

Oh beloved, I am just another halt ,
Your station lies somewhere else.
Just hold this salvaging dagger,
push it a bit upon my chest .
And this truth shall set me free.

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I see cumulus & Cirrus hovering over me
Bringing heralds of rain and shower
With hullabaloo, thundering claps, clamoring.
I smile for my love stood there too
With zeal and vigour of the clouds.
It rained on me hiding my tears.
Drenching me wet, bringing me the sun.

Sullen times turning into waltz
Making my heart quartzy.
Filled my empty jars full with hopes
My nights with stardust starlit moon
Sun lowered and kissed my lips
Giving me warmth with coolness,
Giving me peace and jar of wishes.

I didn’t know when my sun turned hostile
And rain bringforth storms and hurricane ,
It blew everything thing away
And my heart shattered into pieces
I lay there numb watching
Things I kept close to my heart
Flying in the sky shattered, hither-thither.

Just as i was a solitary solivagant soul
I remained in my bereaved land breathing.
I walked down the boulevard of broken hopes
Thinking to pick remnants of my jars.
I desperately looking for the one you filled.
“hopes never die “, but they died just as wishes
Flying deep in the sky vanishing in the horizon
Horizon where I imagined to meet my love.


My pen is shaking to write for you,
When the crimson morning fell upon it was all green then,
Filled with your chirpings all around the alleyway of my heart,
Your sacrifices made my mind yours ,
With every passing night,
I craved your embrace, you completed me,
As the jigsaw puzzle you completed my story.

A storm came and blew away our Dreamland,
annihilated as if nothingness only resides.
You were strong but I got lost in the maze.
Kept yelling your name,
“Hey I am here”, “look just right back”.
But you didn’t recognize my voice ,
the voice that you craved to listen, fell on deaf ears.
Reality sucks let me be in my own Oblivion now,
This world is a cage to me, I yearn to break free.

It is not always works as planned,
I never knew parallel lines can even meet,
And you won again, and proved me wrong.
Winning isn’t my habit and I kept losing.
Your words still haunt me till date.
My home a thatched hut with broken mirrors
Which lay scattered on floor.
And you still knock, oh beloved !
I wish to breakfree and leave this mourning world of mine.
I have forgotten what smile is.
Love is like cactus in the lonesome desert.

Alas, my bones are crippling over the calumny ramparts,
Eating morsels of my dreams
And hiding the scars my fall gave.
Wish I can embrace and cry my heart out.
Oh dear, where doth thou stand ?
Hold me and let me walk out of this house.

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