Ever wondered why worries surround a person and melancholy ceases to a point that tears rolled down a cheek?.It become so depressing and nostalgic that life becomes a numb twig fallen from a tree.So where are the so called luxuries in life that people boost about that people living in fully furnished luxurious room is no different than a people struggling to achieve them.

.(God lend his ear even to the most misfortunate)”the poet describes the whole scenario to strengthen our selves by strengthening our connection with Him.Worries desires and etc all these things succumb to hatred in oneself thus achieving it by hook or by crook is definitely not the way but it’s contrary is.

What do the crabs do in a tub?Do they not pull each other legs to free themselves thus leaving all of them to chaos and disharmony.We humans have become crabs even worse than that that we can stoop to any levels leaving the crab wondering that ‘Are we better’.

We makes friends, socialize and do whatever is required  to be in limelight ,post it on Facebook ,twitter or any thing but the matter of fact is that its just a thing of ‘face value ‘ the irony is what matter is everything besides the integrity and honesty.

Who is a successful boy or girl in todays age of neck to neck competition?Who is so worthy to be called as successful?Who among us ie Ibn e Adam in the 20 th century is the perfect example of ideal person?

Musa the KalimAllah(pbuh) asked who will be my friend in Paradise,God replied that that particular Man who sells meat feeding and taking care of his old Mother.So live and let live.

So I live to fellow friends to ponder on things and be not swayed to the whisper of evil inside us.






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