Life’s game


Life twist

Life takes so many odd turns that it becomes incomprehensible.We did not realize the aftermath of the decisions we take and always have constant thinking the get going is smooth without any hurdles.

Contrary to our assumptions and planning a  volcano like things erupts that destroy the mood and elixir of our undertaking ,life becomes a mesh and looks like a difficult maze where the exit is no where.

Do we have a feeling of bed of roses

Life is full of thorns without poises.

What is takes to live its not just breaths and beats

Amalgamate hardship and many such things


Some do have blinkers on

Do not have time and scope to see them all

All they have is full of money and pleasures

They succumb to materialism

And aloof from life’s treasure.


Bards numbers do linger

Life is not eternal but declensional

It’s definitely significant and beneficent.

We must value it for it has a next life

To prosper and grow and be steadfast in light.

We have a question to be answered

For a day is waiting and moment to come

Have we ever pondered for the wrongs we done?

(Peom is to be continued …please follow me(press follow button down below) for the update coming soon..)peace and always keep smiling)


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