Lost love

Love at first site #poetrybyaquibview

It happens in I think everybody’s life ie ‘love at first sight’ every honest and true guy wants a true love.There are few who might be like play boyish but lets not get into these corny and cringy stuffs.

So very few encounters love at first sight I assume may be few because there is fine line that differentiate it from lust.So the feeling is quite peaceful and a bliss.But have we encountered one?(but don’t just go bylooks its far more and more beyond that…people just follow what’s cool and apparently just looks…and gets devasted eventually…its integrity and honesty that matters the most)


I saw you my girl

With eyes full of my love

This  is not as random as it may seem

Togetherness may have been in our life’s scheme

Trust no logic my love its so awkward

Don’t shy away like a rainbow

Trust no nearby nor steward.

This journey is our friend

No accomplices and trends

My love don’t be Afraid I’ll be there

For anything you need you don’t have to wait

Just  for one time see my eyes

For  our love might ends when the journey ends

I dunno ’bout our destiny but only regrets

This journey is our friend

No accomplices and trends.

I do have fear but love don’t

I dunno what you feel inside your veil

Because its ur eyes that don’t tell lies.

You destination is near so as mine,

The love I felt as first sight ,were just mine?

You probably don’t care and its fine.

It can be  a crush or just fake

Feelings belongs to everybody its humane.

It’s time to depart and my love to fade

This momentarily error that must be paid.

It has no meaning and has no gain

The love I felt was not true

She felt no love and eschewed.

Was it my preposition or conclusion

For when I left I saw her numb eyes

She has sorrow fear and melancholy.

I wasn’t there for years but I felt the same

As she looked broken away

My sadness turn to joy

She was my love so was I.

But Alas our journey has completed its course

She faded away like a sunset

The gift we share is a gift of remorse.


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