life instinct #heart

Heart what actually is it????ever wondered……??

Heart: its just a vital organ in human body capable of pumping blood etc etc etc .Is it really like that? Even to the science students the living things have one characteristic feature called conscience(i am a science student:-)).

Human beings are the only living things to have the ‘Self conscience’. That means we know who we are, what we are?(we are aware of ourselves).

As we progress in our journey of life we encounter countless instance where we say ‘my mind is not ready’,’dil nahi kar raha’,’man nahi h’ and ‘my intuitions…’ ‘Heart broken’ etc😲. All these mind,intuition,heart, etc is ‘one entity’ that resides in  us. It is most fragile,complicated thing that we discover in our course of brief lifes. It is the product of what we are and moulds the way we live in.

It can be as pure as angle and can become as black as the charcoal. We can make this our support system or leave it as like a home less n weak without feeding.

This heart is like a number line(recall some junior mathematics classes🤐…Is it not like that??).It can imbibe both positivity(is white) and negativity(is black) ,basically we are the one responsible to feed our own heart, its in our own hand to paint it white or black😎.Be more than just being smart and paint it white(coz  nowadays even phones are smart😏).

The more good we do the more the ‘white’ gets in and so on.

This ‘black’ and ‘white’ reflects in our behaviour and to everybody else, it becomes our identity to the world the chief characteristics we get to be known far. So its damn significant, its unignorable. It means a lot.

Of course many authors and philosophical person or just a common person who is true to oneself can tell the intricacy of heart, its not way that the understanding of their understanding can make one understand,we must understand our own heart and then we can relate to their understanding and also can amend in a certain way. We must take heed from the revelation from our Creator who designed us and made a perfect live mould.

Let me end with few questions.

Why is it so important to understand heart?

Are we making our heart white or black?

Who can explain or hint the intricacy of heart perfectly?.Are my intuition effected by the whisper of evil? Does  intuition in phase with oneself?……

(Bye be positive peace)


15 thoughts on “life instinct #heart

  1. I loved your thought abt white & black heart but i would also like to add my view point if you dont mind maybe everytime its not in our hands to paint our heart in white or black many times even the people around us tends to stain it with their deeds but still at the end of the day we are the one to select who we chosse to be an Angel with a pure white heart or a devil with black one.
    But i would say i hv a black one never wanted too do bt had too.

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    1. Have ever heard a song of rafi ‘Main Zindagi GA Sath nibhata chala Gaya, Har zzakhm ko dhuye main udata chala gaya’ also since I am a Muslim, and we are told that Allah or God guides those who sincerely seeks for it, ask for guidance and peace and calmness, from the heart anytime at time, u may sometime cry remembering ur past mistake the moment you cry with utter belief and sincerity, Remember after repentance ask for guidance and see the permutations and combination happening afterwards u will God willing notice, Bam ur blackness will be wiped out and God willing u will feel happiness and calmness just, u have to leave ur niche and hatch out of the cacoon to become a butterfly u meant to be.

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      1. Thank you so much for your kinds words and i will surely try to follow your inspiring words but sometimes your depression and anxiety tends to make you what you dont want to be. Still thank you for your words.😊

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