lift ur head up-randomness-redeem-#poem- #motivation.

‘Must read’

There is always a reason to be happy’, this is just a “phrase” and has a bit blurry background and many reason can be can be given to sort out this but all are like arrows shot in the sky. There always been a connection to every moment with each other and tells a story like a herald, and all we have to do is lift our head high(looking away from our gadgets), from the alley of the social media and what not and try to connect the dots.

Many people now a days are so deep into in it especially the younger generation, their gadgets devour them. Its good in its perspective but ‘Excess of anything is bad’. There is so much to see and observe and if we gonna put our head held high we can mark a difference and see out of the box.

It happened to me during a casual walk as I walked to get my newspaper from the stationary, generally  its the routine of my father but I just went out. And as I moved forward and just thought to reminisce my old school stoppage and I marched forward to the beautiful cantonment area here which is old and still shines like a gold. And as I walked the nostalgia was getting deep, like the playground for crickets and many such things. And then comes a strange way the suspicious looking way and I cannot describe the feel but its just so strange and I was illumined by contemplating thoughts.

I was walking down the way, it was beautiful, everything looks damped here, i was alone walking towards the barrack, yes, it was the military area, maintained so well. Streets were full of dried leaves and big trees stood beside it. I could easily hear the crumbling of dried brown leaves under my shoes and it made me contemplate a bit…just a random thoughts pierced me…it was very subtle.

When you realize the damage you have done to yourself because of your mistakes, carelessness and immaturity and looks like its unatonable because of the negativity you receive from all your neighbourhood and it bundles on you the most.

When you become a loner and no friends who claimed to be your friends and your brothers, cousins and sisters just be not as before they used to be, happy and contended, but just one bad thing ,one decision and mistakes covers all your credibility to them, all they see is your dark side and your down hill.

All the motivations and inspirations you have become delusional because the amount of negativity you receive. You know what, if you realize your mistakes, so called wrong decision and failures just don’t matter because all of the down hill you had becomes a firm foundation to lay a bigger mountain you want to create just keep building, just make the negative into positive by just grinding in what you are upto or what you are chosen to be , when you reach the top,  you need not need any acknowledgment ,praises and buttering, you will need the same people and mistake pointers and backbiters to make your foundation firm.

The one

Like a brown fallen leaves that covers the street

Like a crimson horizon that appears on ocean

Like a sparkling rain drops that fall from cloud

Like a smoky fog that covers the dawn

It was the way, the way to somewhere

I walk to the endless road filled with frown

To journey that looks  black and white

To the world of sorrow and strides

No matter what the outcome is

Just strive, strive and strive.

So what comes the way cracks you down

Hands of known are just involved

Friends families and ties are in the same flock

With me grinding and moving on.

Alas, still nobody says ‘hello’,

The hate dislikes and freaking words

Still adding on my foundations’ cords.

Until then i pass the hurdles leaving them all

Making my marks known and still keeping low

All I will get is mercy and grace that God bestow.

When situation is rare and no accomplices you find,

Alone in your strides and not just fine

And low on yourself but still remember your vow.

What we meant to be, moulds our way

We cannot comprehend but  strive today.

All emotions are an equation of exponential decay.

Mortals eyes get wet and surely healer is the time.

“Why is there so much chaos in life?”

No just focus, focus to the light.

Life is a test so don’t make it a mess

Always be The One you chosen to be

Be on the Straight Path, it is meant to be.

Like a brown fallen leaves that covers the street

Like a crimson horizon that appears on ocean

Like a sparkling rain drops that fall from cloud

Like a smoky fog that covers the dawn

It was the way,the way to somewhere.


8 thoughts on “lift ur head up-randomness-redeem-#poem- #motivation.

  1. Its all about life and time. A certain thing that clicks, but u dont know when. But once if it does, it changes life to good and worth. It will makes you achiever, makes you stand the other side of the line. It gives a new begining to your life. May be in all these course of topzy turvy things u might have forgotten about those people to whom your smile matters the most. Who may have secretly cried for you, prayed for you and strongly believe in you and your abilities. Do not think that you are left alone its just the situation, once its over you will have your share of laughter.

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