Poem..must read…

The dark side….by me

When  the door closes

And you are asleep and snoring

Like a knowlagable beast that vowes

You stand a chance but loses.

It started like a moment unrealised

Time goes on like a blowing wind

Its there but hardly cared.

Alas the chance is gone

You sleeping giant, see the time.

Your days are limited and tides are high

Will you stand against it its unlikely?

Will you prove your might?

lost everything in our trade

Even the smile swayed away

Let alone everything that stayed

Lost like a person in the crowd

Unnoticed and least cared

That’s even not enough to frown.

There’s a lot to cry upon

That’s life discourse I dunno how?

You stand tough or stop it now.

What lies when you lost?

You know the scavengers around.

Your instinct is fading away

My son, time is a punisher

Don’t forget. Wake up, take a step.

I know it’s too late you might get drowned

These tides are high and swimmers are crab.

Its night you might not see the light.

‘Freaked’, my son, you don’t have the back.

Your alone in your strides.

These shores are harsh, child.

Swim avoid the fishes you don’t like.

Its the way right or wrong

Eventually it’s all your fault.

Get reade you are being judged.

Or You might get smutched.

The burden is just enough,

Future lies bleak and faded.

All the treasures is invaded.

My friend the chances are rare.

You know that’s not your take.

Its not what you crave.

But there’s no clear sign ,you wave.

Because you dunno what you have.

Unclear of your destiny game.

Like a games of chance and nave

Oh your roads you see my friend.

I wish I could accompany you.

But bid me adieu my friend.

I leave you alone its hard to see.

I know you are wrecked 

But assemble the pieces left.

This road its hard don’t cry 

I am in your heart and always be.

Right now I must leave.

But I see you until you reach your horizon.

Summon me for a walk around the shore

After things you sort out, alone

When all the doors close

You must awake and juxtapose.

Like beast my friend that vowed

You still stand a chance.


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