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Why are not smiling” my friend

It’s hilarious and it meant to be.

I smile backed, are you happy to see?

I have not seen you smiling in ages.

Where have you been lost?

Where is the instinct that had lost?

I said my friends, “well you see me not”.

You see me not being happy it’s lame.

I carry no fear and nothing to blame.

“My friend you disguise and I know”.

The sorrow you hide let it flow.

“You are lame and disgusting,

There’s nothing you need to know.”

Hugged him, “you broke from inside”

I know you are damn stoic.

I cared you so much we are brothers

From two mothers.

Between us there’s nothing to hide.


Yea I am broken and shattered 

The silent word is still vocaling 

It’s hard to scatter.

My dear friend you mind your road

Leave me alone, you share no remorse.

I am being tested and will bear my own 

Until the death takes it away. It will be sudden.

Till now I can smile and laugh.

Is it fake or real? I dont vow.

“You such a actor or lier.

But your eyes tells your lies.”

Clearly seen behind your smiles

It’s apparent you hide your viles.

“Why do fear your roads are clear”

How could I tell?

Your ears can’t bear.

You might break down.

I don’t want to make it clear.

The tale is hard to hear .

These two friends fell apart.

And it’s hard to bear.

Theres none to give a back.

Like a wrecked ship in wave.

Like the buds which doesn’t blossom,

Plucked like a percussion clave.

Friends are here for benefits.

Full with selfish and demerits.

For his case he finds no true friend.

Nowadays it’s the trend.

You can’t see behind their mask,

Can’t predict their tasks.

When the hour arrives 

All will be gone following their strides.

There will no clue left .

Astonished what just happened here?

You have been redeemed like a point.

You can felt the knife at your back.

My dear friend, I correct 

My dear son I amend

Again I state, your fights are only yours

None can share your part and woes.

Your death can only be a true friend.

One day it will come and that’s the end.


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