Topsy turvy#life

Sometimes things you plan does not reflect in real life. Sometimes it turns out be opposite. These days it’s happening to me. Sometimes it’s  like being captured or abducted or thrown in a desert and there is nowhere to go. All you see is mirage of hope. That freakin virtual.

VR thing nowadays is becoming a heartthrob for casual gamers like me. You enjoy it for a moment but actually…..(I dunno)….So what I learnt from my experience is just be happy. Whether whatever is happening to you …Just smile ….Keep smiling boys and girls…..This life is a bit topsy turvy (I think) whatever you assume turns out to be false and what you don’t expect it actually freakin happens……(No way ….I don’t believe that).

Thanks for reading….Peace…May God bless you…..

Published by AQUIB

the unsung poet..

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