The Alchemist


Most of us must have read the novel the Alchemist. What I perceive from the author is mainly about the success.

You can define it in any perspective ie to became the person of what you dream about. To achieve something​ of what you desire. Notice success generally start with ‘I’ and ‘you’ ie it’s confined to selflessness. (Which the author indirectly stresses about).

The boy in the novel hunts for treasure and it’s his ultimate dream, the sheep and all the materialism. Contrary he discovers that his treasure is his love, the women he promised(when he left her he kept thinking about her, about her safety and proposing her for marriage etc. And she loved him too.). All what he naively thought was not his happiness, the success is not materialism but eventually to be contended and happy of what you possess or  Where he cares not, for no worries or he does not want to prove to other what he’s capable of. 

The Alchemy is here the wordly puzzle is around us. Your parents love you have to love them back, your integrity is beyond money. 

Every air you breathe in and every seconds that pass by reminds of the inevitable death that will cease us. Money, properties or anything that we built is gone and inherited by our siblings. What we have?, is deeds, good or bad.

“All of us live to die”. But it’s not the end of the phrase, we are here for a cause, for a purpose and we must strive hard to fulfill it and that is the ‘absolute’ success. You may fail the examinations here bacause you aren’t prepared. You fail to get proper grades to get a college. But you will be called successful​ if you pass the test of life.

And this is what gives one hope. That life is not confined by wordly walls, but there is enormous undertakings behind it. 

Sadly this  yardstick is not understood by many. But they become deaf, dumb and blind to see the other side.

We are still catapillers and haven’t transformed into the butterfly. The day we mould ourself we will hatch our cacoon and fly, fly and fly.
(The day we rekon on

 The day promised upon.

It’s near and promised.

Until we realise and admonish,

Reality will be evident 

And fallacy will perish).

Guys it apparently seems complicated. But the day when we’ll be happy is bound to come.(God willing).

I leave you you with questions unanswered because the magnitude of your questions in your mind that is popping in your head must be answered by you because………….

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13 thoughts on “The Alchemist

      1. I did. It is really an interesting take on women. the choices we make as individuals and where they take us. And how!!! Would love to discuss it after you read it. Looking forward to it! 🙂

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