Love story

The torn shoe.



There once lived a boy.

Who cares for everyone 

And was full of joy.

He was taught peace and manners

Until he saw girl full of pride and greed.

But he fell for her and everyone else did.

She has charm and her glow gleamed,

Eyes and long hair was prettiest of all.

God did say I made female from a bone.

Which is pure and white and mature.

And men with dust a bit sad to know.

Well its no regret, He is just and we bow.

Time rolled by he did not care.

His cheeks are red its winter time.

He looked cute and else envied.

Was younger than it meant to be.

Girls  esp said hello and went by.

He was happy and did enjoy.

He did not care his love did fly.

The moment came its time to left.

He was sad and distressed.

A long time passed, and was left behind.

His love has faded he did not realise.

He saw her smiling as he went by.

He was unnoticed and destroyed,

He saw his friend, as pieces come

Like a jigsaw the picture returned.

He was  fool there is nothing 

All he felt was mere fiction.

He belongs to poor family 

All he was looked was his torn shoe.

All hellos was a joke ,

Because he was thought to be alone.

One day he sat and messaged his love.

He sat for a reply for a whole night

His slumber ceased for a reply to come.

“This was all “,”its the end” or I missed it all.

He was sad and low. For the money,

he needed wasn’t there to show.

He could have a chance for his love

To be his love.

But in heart he felt I know the true love 

In her is there.

Am happy I am still in her heart.

For this day I am deleting her all.

He was vexed and again he met.

He was torn and sad and didn’t care.

For he believed, for love is monatized.

He was focused and moved ahead.

Scored high on his  test secured the best.

Now again he was hit on with a bite.

That come from a special sitting behind.

Least cared for he knew 

There’s meagre  amount of money to spare.

She kept on trying and trying.

Until a day he was about to confess

But alas this time that happened again.

He saw her smiling with a guy again.

Left again with a second thought.

He did not  returned to his roads.

He was immatured and did not bear.

Was angry and he came to fight.

To condone and make his point.

But he came back to senses and realized.

He saw the same guy eating aloud

Proclaiming the togetherness they apploud.

Filled with anger and agony,

But all this for a moment,

For her face that swayed away,

Appears and took him away.

He felt calm and distress free.

And continued his daily routine.

The next day his friends searched

And weeks and months passed.

Classes continued and everyone was shocked.

Why isn’t he here for he is the brightest of all?.

He has no contacts nor he has a phone.

Friends called her mom for the reasons.

The fees was due and unclearred.

For he missed the scholarship for a number or two.

He was angered upon by his father and family.

For he was dropped out of school and future

Looked bleaked.

Time rolled by and years gone.

He was seen driving someone’s car. 

He managed and struggle his life out.

He hired a car and drived it all.

He saw the same eyes from the window.

From the small little cute girl as if he know.

Her mother followed and he knew.

The gleamest girl he once knew.

He recognises her and tears rolled by.

He stepped out to pat her cutie.

Instead open the door quickly.

As he drove by  ,was bothered by his past.

All his friend has moved ahead so fast.

For he blamed no one because as its destiny’s part.

The past do make him upset for the chances lost.

He then dropped her to famous doctor’s park.

To his surprise he knew that was his pal.

At moment he returned his car.

For he thought of a business of renting a car.

He flew to Dubai for his idea did  spark.

He opened a renting company and ran out his cars.

He did well and grow and earned a a lot .

For his friends he gathered was loyal after all.

He returned to India after a decade.

He mansioned his house and made his parents proud.

He inaugurated his outlet store 

Big super cars like Lamborghini and aventador.

One left in his bucket list was super school

Open for all. Where no financial constraint 

Should leave a student in pain.

He inaugurated in a year and named after his love.

His friends was surprised and

Envious look was so obvious 

He went to the doctors park, full of chocolate

For the cutie he saw , they wasn’t there

They left them miserably and divorced.

For the last time I thought, I condone him a lot.

Her parents was indebted in dowry and loan 

Deposited her enough credit in her behalf.

They invited him and was asked “who are you”

He looked at her and said “don’t you remember the torn shoe”

Her parents saw her smile.

And he told “will you attone your vile”.

Her parents agreed and took “my” cutie for a ride.

“He realized for happiness its not in wordly desire.

To be honest and honour all .”

Its a destiny game we unite.

I made her the CEO and was my boss.

For she is more educated than me.

But she never accepted at all.

 This is my conclusion

I hope you like it..Thanks for taking your valuable time to read this chunk…(This poetic composition was been compiled for my novel by me (not published and in very early and rusty  stage…and it has all the twist and incident…. readers will enjoy it God willing …I dunno really how to proceed with …I need help…I am seeking a publisher…But I am busy with my studies and examinations)… 


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