Matrix, a deadly maze


I got in maze it was complicated and difficult to cope with…there were waves of uncertainty and thunderstorm…I seem to be lost in a dark looking area like that of some matrix…I might be that Mr Anderson or the Neo.

Well that’s whatever it is we get lost sometimes and the way out is far too easy…


There is a maze

A maze unlike virtual but real

Once into it, its hard to deal with

I need a way, a way out of this.

My mind is numbing.

And heart is murmuring.

The exit is no where

Nor it has an end to somewhere,

Alas I smile to the maze.

‘this is what you got,’

‘No its you who you are talking’

‘I am shocked and I am lacking’

Zeal, vigour and Valour.

I heard this is what you need for war.

That’s you breed to fight for a cause.

You cannot,  cause you are lost.

I said to myself ‘why, why’

And reply came, ‘why, why? :

Sat on my reclining couch.

Sat there from dusk to dawn.

Thinking and just thinking for all.

I cried to God, to seek to an answer.

You thought high of yourself

Now you fall.

Yelling for help and in agony and pain.

For I had lost everything in the trade.

I see the darkness I put in.

For the flame needed I lack in.

For the arise, the thrust, dont have in.

I have to sat and think and think.


A Poem ‘Untitled’


Love story

The Alchemist







Published by AQUIB

the unsung poet..

23 thoughts on “Matrix, a deadly maze

  1. Kahan Abhi nahi hi mere bhai……..
    In pain look towards poorer than u in happiness towards richer than you. Nothing is eternal. God is the best planner. Start afresh. And the mazes is amazed.

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  2. As you have said, one of the best thing to do in the face of every challenge is to smile, such action gives strength to overcome the problem.

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      1. I will and you’re welcome! I feel humbled by your invitation to read more of your work. I will continue to do so and I thank the Almighty for confirming my place in this space. Blessings on your journey in this space and beyond .🙏🏼🌍👣

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