Thank you fellow awesome bloggers. 

Thank you fellow awesome bloggers (who write their heart out full with genuinity) for 100 follows.

I am full of gratitude and in this month of Ramadan I pray for you also myself  to be in the best of their prosperity and May be guided to success here and in hereafter and to the straight path upon  which people have gained utmost success.

Quick Pointers.

1. suppose you like my writing or posts, therefore feel free to comment, I will not ask for money in return🤑 . (Just kidding, I love to have a conversation. ).

2. When I follow someone my intention is not to receive a follow back. But I would love if you do the same. 😇

3. I dont even like the term follow. 🤔

4. Likewise I follow someone because I like their intentions behind their writing, obviously there are people whose writing are spell bounding.

5. I am a realistic person and appreciate practical people.

6. I love you all as a good human. 😇

7. If you have something or any kind of problem or need suggestions you can contact me (I am willing to help) . I would atleast try to give a good suggestion.   Don’t ask me how to become a millionaire? I would ask you the same?.😉

8. I don’t have more reminders.

9. Wait One more thing

10. Leave it bros and girls😀 . Enjoy. ☺️☺️☺️

Comment, like if you liked, if you didn’t idk, I am sorry🙃?

Thanking you

Aquib khan. find me twitter for dms,

my twitter

Image source. Professor Google 😎.

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