The ballad of the wall. 


 I sat on the doorstep of abandoned house. 

Scattered torn and spilled, Grothous. 

Amazed by, sycamore and teak tree. 

Standing telling the history. 

Look I saw, broken toys and dolls. 

The carvings on walls

The children echo from alls. 

Pearls like shine, in my eyes. 

As the tears fall down. 

Family and brethren all gone. 


Diverging lights from the walls. 

Carcasses of food and females stalls. 

All clotted with blood and free. 

Telling me the dreadful history. 

Causulities and collateral damage. 

Was sited by me, the house I could only see. 

The silent cries agony and pain. 

Was so evident. 

My hands and feet trembled, precedent.

Can’t you see the misery.? 

When the deaf hears the history. 

The house has a clot, broken and still. 

Breath no air and looks for its kin. 

‘Go bring me, my inhabitants’, :yellin’.

Walls of house I see you tellin’

In my hands there is no wands, 

Can take the balls back to cannons. 


There you see a child smiling, 

It used to be, now stucked in a framing. 

This innocent has yet no wings. 

Now in a this earth, draped in white. 

Waiting for a day for all his smiles. 

The daughters, son and people 

The brethren and all kith and kin. 


On the floor you stand has blood spills

The innocent did nothing but has bearings. 

I stand losing their hope, I wasn’t strong to cope. 

The sound of  the cries, 

The shout of of missiles, 

I wasn’t strong enough to hold. 

Alas, the dust has it all, 

My friend all you need to do

Is spread the message. 

For innocent life’s is precious 

Behold to the Rope of the Most Gracious. 

This life is one, a gift and a test. 

For there lies a recompense. 

For the soul who doeth the wrong.,

Surpasses the worldly law, 

Will grabbed by the forelocks. 

On the day that is bound to come. 

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I sat on the doorstep of abandoned house. 

Scattered torn and spilled, Grothous. 

Amazed by, sycamore and teak tree. 

Standing telling the history



I generally give the background kind of epilogue, so that it becomes a bit relatable. A kind of reminder to  fellow readers before judging anything try to catch the fallacy behind it.

For this piece of writing I sat writing something about bla bla things(About abandoned love etc,)  but it turns out a bit like this. I hope you can reflect.

Strive to make this world a better place to live. Live and let live. Stand against hate crimes and hate mongers and wars on humanity.


Aquib Khan 

If you feel like commenting then please do so, it will not make me a millionaire. I just want to know your realistic thoughts. 

Be a real man or women and comment your realism. 

My whole point is to get to the ground (forget about your love loss for a while) ,. It will help me to get to know you as fellow bloggers your realism and honesty, because there are  freaking selfish and self centered people who will step on you to move forward, so comment your thoughts. Please. So that we come together as a team.

I really appreciate my fellow bloggers who likes my post genuinely, they are in my inner circle, if you are not reading it please don’t like it. 

Forget about your parents not loving you. (I just read few) 

These all are freaking fallacy. You will get love, why not? 

Comment, like if you liked and share if you want. 

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60 thoughts on “The ballad of the wall. 

  1. Oh.what is dis tragedy?everyone know.government know.but nobodys are doing any efforts but only some words of sympathy.all humans should come ahead to stop dt terrorism in dis world.thank to u for put up a most sensitive point.marvellous.

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  2. Your poem touched my heart and the pictures you have chosen brought tears in my eyes. And reminded me of so many beautiful places in this world (yes, Syria is one of them) that are turned into ruins. So many beautiful and innocent souls who did nothing wrong…to be victimized by political powers they don’t even understand. My prayers are with all of these little ones. My gratitude for you, for writing courageously and honestly, with so much talent. And for honoring me by following my blog! Thank you! Be sure that every like I’ll ever give comes from my heart!
    Blessings of love upon you!

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Very nicely done aquibview.
    Some of the poem reminded me of a reality that I didn’t want to be reminded of and some of the pictures were a little sad but you brought it all together nicely.
    It’s really a shame that some of the bad things are going on but we have to take the good with the bad.

    Liked by 1 person

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