The discourse

Yeah you started as the smart kid 

But you were forced by the evil

The evil around you.

The evil in the words you receive.

The evil the everyone’ decisive.

The words of harsh and force 

You were mounted on the stake

The step that you never want to take.

Here every elders’ evil decieved you.

You were thrown in the alley of dark well.

Like the Prophet Yusuf(Joseph) (pbuh).

The similitudes stand similar 

The hands you trusted the most, decieved. 

The traps is scariest like hell.

You will feel pain and stress.

The door yet seems shut and call unheard.

Nobody cares yet hope for the best.

Ya believe in The God is the ultimate help.

But we commoners ignored the human yelp. 

We sat together in chats and groups. 

Sat and converse about recoupe.

Sat and drank and devoured the chicken soup. 

Forgot about a friend unseen from the troop. 

The one who used to matter the most. 

Now the waves have washed his imprints, almost. 

Sat and vexed and left a burst 

From teary eyes seems,  accurst. 

For he was the one, once. 

Fear swayed him and circumstances devoured him. 


He left alone to his road

With with high and lows. 

He had once all chance. 

He left all because he didn’t make the mark. 

No one new what perhaps lies

The perhaps has all the past

And future has all the lies. 

Signing off. 

Aquib Khan 

Keep smiling. 

Published by AQUIB

the unsung poet..

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