Journey to reality. 

I saw myself happy and contended.

With God love and mercy, supplemented 

I laughed full of joy and comprehended,

Why isnt I reached here, first, lamented. 

Foods, and money is no issue,’M contended.

Lost of words I face,  people here so affiliated. 

I am so special, I feel connected, not segregated. 

I smile and asked and it’s done, I am so fascinated. 

I hear a cry, loud enough, I am now, fasiculated, 

To saw myself, sucked away, demented. 

Saw myself alive, senses now commanded.

I want to get back, I asked my senses. 

There is no way, get on your feet, it’s not your menses. 

I walked alone in the way, full of trenches. 

A tear forms, and said I am ready to fall. 

Behold I said, “eyes you  have to be strong” . 

Again I said to ears and mind, along

You see myself torn and wrecked. 

But I am feel blessed as I have you all.

Again I feel we have to be happy for what we have.

There is a lot of reason for you to smile even in your hardest time.

We just have to look for it.

Keep smiling my dear reader. ☺️

Aquib khan.

(Sorry, I don’t feel it’s an appropriate title, what do you reckon? .)

©Copyright reserved.

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15 thoughts on “Journey to reality. 

  1. This phase occur now and then and at least two times for sure in india wer you find no reason to be happy…. but still try to be. So my lad be tuffff like steel. Don’t be vulnerable..

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