Hi gals and guys. It’s me again. 

#randomthoughts yet again

Hi, my dear esteemed beautiful bloggers and,  ya boys too.(Please stop judging me, lol).

Its a random blog again (don’t leave me please 😇).

Watch this. 😂😂😂😂

This guy was drinking and driving . lol. Can cause death even on a toy bike.

Please girls and boys don’t drink and drive.

Hey, my dear reader let me know whether you drink alcohol or not?Please, Comment down below.

These thieves stole a bank’s pass book machine instead of atm machine.

It says

Study if you want to progress.

These guys stole printing machines instead of atm machines.

Funny things keep happening in India, it’s as if you witnessing live comedy show.

I wrote about a comic tragedy sort blog but sadly I lost it, haven’t saved in my Evernote. 😢😢😢😢

I just lost one wonderful, and very funny blog post, that really happened on my trip to Delhi and back I again.
I some how deleted it. I dunno how, or forgot to save.

First post  was of a comic tragedy in my flight.

And later was of serious nature.

I would have to re write again.

(I think I should write about my two sisters both elder to me, a funny blog,  because when we converse, it becomes so comical that I cannot even comprehend, people around us hate us,  lol, but still, besides having two sisters I am too shy in real life. It sucks to be honest.)

On the positive note.

Everything happens for Good.

Stay positive, be strong. 

And always keep smiling. 

And don’t sweat the small stuff. Sweat it for bigger stuffs.

 Don’t forget my name. 


Aquib khan. 

Want to become awes…., like m…aaaa…have a look ,(please i am kidding, i am used to kidding🤔🤔🤔🤔😂😂😂😂, lol)

read these. ( dont take my joke seriously, otherwise i have to call 101 for your seriousness, 101 for Indian Emergency ambulance service, information :for my non Indian beautiful friends, and boys too.)

Life’s game , Lost loveheartmotivation. Love story The ballad of the wall.  Friends(must read) Friends(must read) etc. 

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