Random thoughts. Yet again. 

Hi, my dear esteemed bloggers and writers,
Warning: read it if you truly and with full honesty read my blogs, I want you to comment something because I will judge on your comments whether you have read it or not.

Its just a short notice, don’t feel offended or be judgemental about.

1. I find biasing everywhere. I am not a hypocrite to lure to seek attention.

2. I am not a “thank you so much” person without any stimulii.

3. If I find your blog interesting to me I will give you a follow or I feel like you deserve my follow , I will even nominate you,  I have done(my first and the last time I think) before, even if you haven’t followed me or not even read any of my posts.

4. I dunno whether I will be nominated further or not but I announce, don’t do so based on my likes and comments, because I comment a lot. I am not freaking flatterer.

Moreover some  people shower tones of like without even reading it.

5. Some of the bloggers who previously did not want be nominated or idk what just ask me I will remove your nomination and nominate someone else, that is be specific , I don’t see how much follows you have,  I did that based on your content, don’t tell me what to do and what not.

6. Please don’t like my contents if you haven’t read it. And don’t be shy to comment your opinions, just don’t comment vaguely to act smart.

7. I hate hypocrite and sycophants. If you are, un follow me, withdraw all your likes. Please.

8. Even if I have one or few like that used to be since I started (in 2016) I feel contended because they were purely honest and I can relate to them as a reader, and as a true and honest friend through their respective blogs.
Signing off

Aquib khan.


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18 thoughts on “Random thoughts. Yet again. 

  1. This irritates me too when someone just likes the post becoz I liked theirs honestly even I don’t want that at all but there are also readers who are very genuine and honest. I started my blog to help people in someway and not to just gain likes if people would just like and not read it then there is no use of creating it.
    There’s a thing some people do that I know you will agree with it too:
    There are some who will shower likes on your blog like in a minute they will like ten of my posts and am looking at the notification panel clearly understanding what the person is actually doing and what he wants me to do..n after 10-15 likes they will give a follow.

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  2. Always always saying the same… unfortunately there arw soo soo many here who doesn’t read but actually I am not addicted to their likes, I rather prefer their precious opinion abt my tests

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  3. Aquib you have said this well. Its not about the likes but rather about reading the work and responding much like you would with a friend you are sitting down with over coffee. We love the sites we follow and the people we have come to know as a result. Real people that are sharing real stories is what we seek so we too can grow from knowing them.

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  4. I never understood “like”ing something you haven’t read. What if it is so against everything you believe in? I mean, I love all ideas, I love discussions that’s how we grow, but what if you are “like”ing murder, hate, or judgement, you get the drift. Most of the blogs I read I like the content, that’s why I read their blog, but that’s the key, READ. There are some post a blogger puts up I might not agree with or view it the same, even if I have “like”d every thing they have writtien up until then, no clicky the likey button. I have found that there are LOTS of people who follow just to get a follow. I’ve had people “follow” my blog several times. How do I know? Because when you see the same name pop up as “abc and x other people followed you blog” you tend to remember “abc’s” name after it follows you 3 or 4 times.

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  5. I think i feel the same like why to even like a post when you havent even read it. It gives false hope to the writer that oh i am doing good nd everyone loves my work instead the reality is kind of different. Totally in agreement with your opinions.

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    1. On the positive note, there awesome bloggers too like very awesome and to the point realistic , we should concentrate on them, rather than to self centric biased, sycophants who wants attention and back stab for their own gain.

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  6. What u mentioned here is true
    We have to read carefully and give our opinion….
    But not writing a comment doesnt mean that the person didnt read always..there are some reasons sometimes…
    Best wishes!!

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  7. This is what i feel.i dont understand this system to like someones post without giving it a read.this is neither f.b or instagram still many people are using it like those sites.this is all about reading and writting nothing else.

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