#life #poem

I smiled to dark clouds, making its way. 
To the surreal ground, jabbing in my head. 
To my soul, it said, I came for you. 
Above all the malice in the veins. 
All tears it would soak way, 
The rain when it falls, down, making the way, 
Yes the way, a way for all the rays.
The momentarily, darkness you see. 
As it hovers and lingers, 
All hopes you see, see my friends, please. 
The lining around, yes, it’s the silver lining. 
Let it rain, dance to the blessing, 
Be not be from the one aloof. 
Who took the shade. 
Kiss the droplets and purge as it wades. 
The meandering waves, has all your ‘nades. 
Think not ’bout the past, it flew away. 
See the falcon in the sky, paving, valiantly 
Fear none except The Only One, and Seek the Truth, freeing you. 


Close your eyes, and dive into yourself. 

Its time.

Aquib Khan. 

©Copyright reserved insight 2017

Images are not own by me. 

Credits :Google images and its respective creators. 


39 thoughts on “Rain

    1. Yeah. ☺️☺️☺️ kind of. But it’s not raining now, I was yearning for rain, because I didn’t have the chance to enjoy it(You know, who doesn’t?) . Yeah, you are approximately correct. 😇😇😇😇😇😇😇

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  1. So beautiful…I adore rain, the sweet sensation of walking in the rain and looking at the rainy skies…the miracle of nature and a chance to purify our hearts…metaphorically speaking…You are so talented, that is a true gift. Be blessed!

    Liked by 2 people

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