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It’s me again, bare with me, for a while. Please. 

Thoughts with me again,for my beautiful readers. 

I will be very precise, before my phone get fully discouraged.( Since I flew back to Delhi right now, leaving my phone charger as well as my laptop charger back home.) 

I am such a lazy person lol. 

Connect me via Google hangout. Or any emails you wanna sent. 

Keep smiling, 

Don’t sweat the small stuff,. 


Deep in the sky, I saw ghost of clouds

Talking fables of people and folks 

Talking about me, seeing me having coke. 

They smiled and said ‘typical bloke’ 

‘No’ you hear me wrong, ‘I am not, folks’ 

See I smiled I carry no burdens in my thobe.  

Don’t judge me, cloudy ghost. 

You see people in unison, I see them too. 

You told to bring in excess to a land, 

Burdening with transgressions and woes.

For the dwellers forgot their instinct,..

Forgetting their main existence. 

Don’t forget my name please, please. 

With loads of love 


Photo credit. Aquib. 


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the unsung poet..

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