Be the change. Rise. 

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(A very insightful and inspirational urdu poem in the image above by the famous urdu poet Allama iqbal, I tried translating for our English speaking reader, written towards the end. )  


Ignite yourself. 

Be on  fire. 

We do mistakes but we  repent.

We climb the ladders  and fall and loose steps but we must continue to climb. 

We fail sometimes but do not lose hope. 

We are not perfect but strive to be one. 

We never thought about the  outcome but we give into it. 

We get so many hurdles in our way, and get ourselves wrecked but  we still walk hoping to reach our destinations.

We make choices but our plans fail but we stick by it. 

We change ourselves to be the change. 

We make mistakes and tells our friends not to repeat it. 

We mark the fallacy, and intentions in a movie, in a person etc. and warns others about it. 


Success does not come in big packets but it comes in quantums. 

(Prof A.K kaul). 

I am not perfect, I might commit mistakes here and there but I must not loose hope. 

We must always hope for the best. 

Now the (rusty) translation.  

Taskeen Na Ho Jis Se Wo Raaz Badal Dalo

Change your secret if you spilled out to an undeserving /not worthy /ignoble person

Jo Raaz Na Rakh Paye Hamraaz Badal Dalo

Change your friend/your apprentice if she/he is a blabber/back biter.  

Tum Ne B Suni Ho Gi Bari Aam Kahawat Hy
Anjam Ka Jo Ho Khatra Aghaz Badal Dalo

Change the scenario, If the way, your outcome of your efforts are dangerous or not likely. 

Pur-Soz Dilon Ko Jo Muskan Na De Paye
Sur Hi Na Mile Jis Mai Wo Saaz Badal Dalo

Change the tune of yourself, If your jagged heart does feel the melody 

Dushman K Iradon Ko Hy Zahir Agar Karna
Tum Khel Wohi Khelo Andaz Badal Dalo

Change your  way in the same game as your enemies are in,  your style, if you want to make your enemy vulnerable. 

Ay Dost Karo Himat Kuch Door Sawera Hy
Agar Chahte Ho Manzil Tu Parwaaz Badal Dalo

Turn the tides of the wave, my friend do strive, because the morning light of the success is awaiting.  

Be the change we want to be. 

Aquib Khan. 

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