random thoughts 

Hi guys don’t leave please.

Random thoughts yet again, dont judge me. Please.  

1. Selfie Mania has outburst and its out of controls,  girls esp (boys who got struck by this virus are out of control though) are taking selfie with random strangers, in Delhi, group of school kids(they were girls)  started taking selfie in sharing auto, and included me too, I told them to delete.

Kitne logo ne zindagi se hand wash kar Liya . (Alas, many had lost their, it keeps popping up in the news channels frequently, selfie accidents) 

2. “Roak ke chalna,” kaha se sahi h bhai, speed up while you stop, illogical statement, “not defined” (I keep hearing it, someone has to stand up you know). (stop smiling please) 

3. Stop talking on phone loudly, bhai Saab metro itna Kaun baat karta h yaar. What’sapp karlo(chat  on What’sapp, or use sms, jio h nah free ka baap? (jio is the father of free  services among  all) 
4. College ke sarkari karamchari koi kaam ke nahi, sahi me bhai, trust me. (Indian college staffs will give you worst nightmares,) (Angerezi anuwaad sahi h boss.)

5. Sometimes living by yourself (kind of  alone)  sucks. 

6. Hey readers, yes you, what  is 

tan  c/sin c.??? (say it loudly so that the other person could hear). 

Have a nice day.

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( This blog is meant to be funny. Seriousness is not required here.) 

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Images credit: Google baba. 

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