Hey, everyone 

#funnyblog yet again sorry gals and guys. 

How you all doing? , writing awesome post. 

Keep writing. 

 I just want your few seconds…. 
(I know you will skip it, expect my friends). 


This cat in my building  loves me. (At least this animal loves me unconditionally.) 

Animals esp cats understand human so much, for real. 
I love wild cats, you know.   (Mujhe jangli billya pasand Hai. Tining tin Tining ×2)
This cats,,  I have named him Bambi. Although he is not a deer, he has canines and love tearing flesh. 😇😇😇😇

Lately I have been thinking, waiting for my session to start, eating outside, and making a lot of mess. Never mind. 
I know you are waiting for my jokes after the huge response from all my awesome readers,for  my previous post. (LOL, I know I am tripping, it feels good, 🤐🤐🤐) 

After my huge hit of ping pong ball,  😱😱😱😱 (I know what are you thinking?) but still. 
My first language is hindi and since my mom holds a doctorate in urdu language, she had taught me plethora of manners. 

All my P. T meetings she do not ask about my marks, but about my behavior. Lol. Thank God. 

(P.T meetings is principal – teacher meeting, you don’t have to go kids, tell your mom “I am uninvited” ) 

Let’s directly in a straight line motion where dx/dt=k and dv/dt =0 orJump in to the….. Into this. 

Some of my school teachers were Raju Shrivastava(stand comedian)  indisguise. Lol some cracked dirty jokes,too. Now I am getting it. 😇😇😇

 I cannot take the name, (You know who?,ref Harry Potter) 

Phunny Englis (funny English). 
No offense. 

Bam. Here we go. 

I have heard this, my own brain processed the impulse received my sensory neurons, amplified by outer and inner pinna. (Oh). 😎😎😎😎

Point wise. 

1. I will catch your ear and jump out of the window. 
2. I have two daughters and both are  girls. 
(no smiling) 

3. Give me a red pen of any color. 
5. I talking you talking why you in middle middle. 

6. You boy shit(I. E sit). 😇😇😇

Epic one. 

8. Yes boy, “Why talking you”, 

“me” I said. 

“No, one beside you,” he said “me” 

“the one at right angle to, and vertically opposite ” 

Someone said,” bhai tu hi khara ho ja, Pura period nikal dege”(I stood up, feeling, as my friend gestured me to). 

I am always the bravest person, my biggest problem was, I cannot control my laughter. 

Eventually, I laughed in front of the whole class, 

My ears, still aches. I hate big nails. 

“Write 500 times I must not talk in the class”. 

“who writes this shit.?” I stood outside. 

But she loved me. 

“Beta tum ache khandaan se ho, haste kyon h itna” 
(Son you belong to a good family, why do laugh). 

“makes me sit in the front row”, 


Besides girls, I would melt down, all my chief characteristics would wash away, like blue vitriol.
My unsung poems. 

friends,      the dark side.    lost love, love at first sight.   twist. 

Aquib  Khan. 

Keep laughing.

Be happy, in whatever situation you are in. Trust me. 
Email I’d. 



21 thoughts on “Hey, everyone 

  1. Hey the stupid cat is onl9. I cant believe this. He chinnu ki billi. I hated this creature for her dirt. Yak. Thank god wo padosan ka Tota ‘duggu” nahi hi…

    Liked by 1 person

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