The voice. 

#poem #life

The clap from cabaret. 

The voice from minaret. 

The echo unheard unheeded. 

The walking dead, fondue in sineret.


Pliath in the minds, forgetting 

The moon the nebula, serene signs 

Your existence, imagination’s plights. 

Numbers in loathsome sweltering, 

Words combined, bandwagon assigned. 

Still cannot prove the point. 

Rebellious like partisan, working in unison,

With all the combinations and permutations 

and gerrymandering manifestations, but,

Its like rhinestones missing pearlescent shine, 

A tacit, missing fundamental chime. 

A fallacy coated showing bogus Valérie 

But still, alas, missing fundamental points. 

The clap from cabaret, or

The heralds from minerets. 

The echo,  unheard unheeded. 

The walking dead, fondue in sineret.  

©Copyright reserved  !ns¡ght2017

Aquib Khan.
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