A problem, in WP

An apology too, I guess. Screen shots of some comments, a short notice. 

Is there anyone else who has commented on multiple blogs and their comments is not being  made public? 

It is happening with me a lot, I have been commenting my thoughts in almost every blog that I read may be out of 10 I comment on at least in 0.5 of them, because I put them in my shoe and as I love to read and respond to a comment, so I do that, because you feel a sense of contentment. I feel it. 

It is because I feel my comments are not reaching them, I guess, because a friend of mine Ashish vision , asked about his, asking whether I  received it or not .,but I said “sorry bro I haven’t received it.”  

“It may be the Wp problem” , he stated. I marked his because he is pretty big and humble fellow. Wp is behaving like bit lost too. I was reading some of the post about it. 

 Here are some screen shorts. 

(These were few post, and some received my first like and comment, but I forgot to take the screen at the first place,) 

There were others too, like many and I started taking screen shots of my comments now, and I would post it. 

LOL Hardly anybody comments in my post, btw I am telling you guys even if you wanna abuse me in the comments, 

 I would make it public.  

Signing off now aquib.

Btw if you have any commentting tips you wanna share with me, please feel to do so. sorry if I have hurt you in any way  through my comments, my intentions aren’t intended to do so. I will not be commenting anymore…………….(I feel this)  . Sorry guys. 

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48 thoughts on “A problem, in WP

  1. Chances are your comments are landing in the spam file. Of the blog your are commenting on. This has happened to me several times. To get it fixed email the spam support service provider for WP at Askimet. com . It’s a royal pain when this occurs. When it has happened I posted a request for my readers to ck for my comments in their Spam. I also regularly ck my own spam file as I know it happens to others as well.

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      1. It took me awhile to figure out why my comments weren’t showing up . Askimet is very cooperative and it only takes a day or so for them to fix it. Good luck!
        To we’re not showing
        G up

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      1. I like to be have my comments scanned for spam, in one day I had over 50 spam hits. It would be unmanageable if not for their screening. Sometimes something in a comment might send a signal that it is spam but I prefer to risk it than have some of the obnoxious comments from Auto ins. co, showing up…lol!

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  2. yea! same thing had happened with me when i tried commenting on some blogs. They didn’t showed up+ was worried if the the comment would appear twice or thrice. I wonder if those comment would muddle up in a spam.

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      1. if u are using a wp app, its simple, go to yr site, where you can see Comments along with stats, plan. click on the comment ( wp shows the recent comments of yr post) and select either All or Pending or Approved or Trashed or last but not the least Spam option out there.

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      1. It may have automated the comments to fall under a sort of category. otherwise we would not have been arguing on this issue. Hope, this end soon. we don’t want WP to monitor and approve the comment for public

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      1. You should click view admin in setting, it’s because of a new plugin called akismet, then open via Chrome and please remove my comment from spam, and automatically it would unspam me.


  3. Yesterday it happened with me as well I tried two times to comment on a blog and it just didn’t show up nor it said that its awaited for moderation. The comment went in spam box. And its happening today also. This akismet sometimes put the comments in the spam box unnecessarily. That’s why I make a point to check spams regularly.
    Your comment did go into the spam.
    I think you have to get the api key (akismet plugin)

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  4. spammer 😉 hahahaha. I know it is frustrating. I find comments in my spam folder all the time, from people who comment EVERY day on my blog. Just yesterday, I found a comment in my spam folder from the original commenter. In other words, they commented on my blog, I replied to their comment, then when they replied back to me, it threw it into the spam folder. So, who knows these things.

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