Fed up. 

Sorry guys my comments is not appearing on any site except prenika, Afzal At scribble verses and few other , I got akismet api  bull shit key too.  
I might not be commenting on other blogs because it really bugging me out, and I am getting frustrated. So it’s better not to comment. 

You gals and guys even not clearing me up from your spam. 

So I mean why would you? 


Sorry Aquib. 

I can receive your comment, so please comment, 

Kill yourself akismet.  

Read my recent post. 

betrayal song. 

the voice poem.

be the change. 

the other side. 


Published by AQUIB

the unsung poet..

19 thoughts on “Fed up. 

  1. It might not be where the bloggers aren’t clearing you out of their spam folder. Askimet only puts comments in spam, if it’s NOT SURE it’s spam. If it has decided you ARE a spammer, the blogger will never see the comment, it will never appear in their spam folders at all. You’ll need to get with wordpress, or askimet and make them fix it on their end.

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