Hey everyone, a problem in  WP  

Is there anyone else who has commented on multiple blogs and their comments is not being  made public? 
It is happening with me a lot, I have been commenting my thoughts in almost every blog that I read may be out of 10 I comment on at least in 0.5 of them, because I put them in my shoe and as I love to read and respond to a comment, so I do that, because you feel a sense of contentment. I feel it. 

It is because I feel my comments are not reaching them, I guess, because a friend of mine Ashish vision , asked about his, asking whether I  received it or not .,but I said “sorry bro I haven’t received it.”  

“It may be the Wp problem” , he stated. I marked his because he is pretty big and humble fellow. Wp is behaving like bit lost too. I was reading some of the post about it. 

 Here are some screen shorts. 

There were others too, like many and I started taking screen shots of my comments now, and I would post it. 

LOL Hardly anybody comments in my post, btw I am telling you guys even if you wanna abuse me in the comments, 

 I would make it public.  

Signing off now aquib.

Btw if you have any commentting tips you wanna share with me, please feel to do so. sorry if I have hurt you in any way  through my comments, my intentions aren’t intended to do so. I will not be commenting anymore……………. . Sorry guys. 


26 thoughts on “Hey everyone, a problem in  WP  

      1. You should try to send other comments to blogs which don’t get spammed. I think that will work because ur earlier comments are spammed which you cannot solve. Those comments are in recipient’s inbox.

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