Hey gals and guys help me please. Problem continues. Remove me from your  spam please. 

My problems, screen shot of comments not being made public of my fellow awesome bloggers. 
So my comments are automatically getting in bloggers spam folder automatically. 

It’s because of bloody akismet plugin that is monitoring them. 

It has bugged me out so much, I got deep into in and it because akismet protocols is getting aggressive, in control one’s bloggers comment, who had not purchased or bought I guess, their plans. 

It’s bull shit, in my view, I don’t what akismet (bloody,) to moderate my comments, or anyone’s comments. 

Right now I haven’t activated it, please provide me some details, because I don’t know about this. 

(Take your plug in back home, akismet.). I don’t want your Api shit with me, I can moderate my own comments. 

Or should I get api key? Please provide me some information. 
I have commented on tons of bloggers, please remove my comments from your spam folder, click view admin site on the setting, enter your email and password and bam go, remove it. 

I had two three of them, I approved it, (akismet shit) .  

I would like to get some suggestions on it, since I don’t have any idea, of how this works. (Sorry if I sound a bit aggressive, since it is bugging me out.) 
I would request again please bloggers check your spam folders, open with this with chrome or any browser, by clicking view admin site in the app

Automatically getting into spam, please bloggers remove me from spam. 

Published by AQUIB

the unsung poet..

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