Lift ourselves. Stay ignited. 

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Let’s start 

Live your day, enjoy your moment. 

It does not matter, you failed in a test, 

It does not matter, you are sad for a misfortune 

It does not matter that you committed a mistake. 

It does not matter that you wronged yourself. 

What matters, 

Is you, yourself, me myself, we ourselves. 

Why, because at the end of the day, all that start well ends well. 

You or we started to chase the dream, 

Started to like somebody, 

Started to believe in ourselves. 


Hurdles, speed breakers, are the stumbling block, we must escape, 

Otherwise we fall, in a trench, 

But it’s not the end, if we, 

for we, 

Started with. 

Right efforts 

Right conduct 


Hard work 

But who do we have to blame, 

And burn, what’s gone is bygone.  


 it’s the test 

From The only One. Trust me. 

For there is more out it. 

But we do not see. 

Why, because, we get blind. 

How do we cope with this!? 

Right attitude, 



And many more things, 

For it is said when life hits you harder, hit it back even harder. 

You or we do that know how it turns out to be? 

For we reached the core, but left as we do not see. 

Yes, we get blinded, even though we see. 

You get a back on, 

You get scolded. 

You got expelled, 

You were kicked like a football, 

But you have a chance, 

Believe in yourself. 

For impossible says, I am possible. 

Remember, Hope never dies. 

We must

Chase like a cheetah

Roar like a lion, 

Stand like a tree, 

Gaze like an owl

Fly like a falcon. 

Aquib Khan.. 

©Copyright reserved !ns¡ght2017

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Be the change, #stayignited

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