Monologue continued part 2. Transitory  dimension 


Please read part 1. 

, A transitory  dimension. 

Am I at the elisium? 

It seems so ethereal. 

“No my good soul” 

I hear a voice meekly… 

“it’s a stoppage, a tunnel” 

“Do you see a flowing runnel” 

“No”, I mumble. 

Why it’s white and serene? 

I yearn, am I asleep? 

Take me back please. 

“But you still shall return to thee” 

Shall I sneak or see. 


Muffled drums, oozing from the marching, 

Ebulition of emotion, myriad of seethe

How can I explicate? 

We shall meet again. 

Remember the apprentice of Qudamah,

Life is beyond, not a dilemma. 


“Take your opulence” 

“Oh frazzled soul, 

Don’t be a vacuous, 

Wait for the trumpet whistle” 





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Aquib Khan.

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