Random thoughts, Gals and guys, I know you don’t like me. But still. 

#randomthoughts yet again. 

#funnyblogs (All in one, blog. ,) Delhi metro, types of friends, and a small poem, ‘is called’ formula. 

Let’s get into it. 🤔🤔🤔

Part 1.

(I was outside wandering in the Delhi metro reading all your posts, all of you are amazing writers. Really. Keep it up.) 
1. Delhi metro is no doubt the busiest as well as well organized. 

I have been observing lately, 

And luckily wherever I sit I get sorrounded by girls (It just my luck aha), it’s just the kind of ‘serendipity’😇😇😇. 

And most of the girls are on phones. 
Who message or text them? , I can literally hear ton of vibrations at the same time,

 (zzz, zzz, zzzzzzzzzzzzz) 

Sometimes I don’t even take my mobile out, because  same messages  from the same dudes. 

“Bhai, kha ho, ,” (I generally use proper hindi, and try to follow proper hindi Grammer, since my hindi school teachers were awesome, I don’t use suffix “iyo”, “khaiyo”, “de diyo” “meko”, “teko” , honey singh’ ka dukaan band Kara diya, uska “yo, yo,” kidnap Kar Liya, Injustice) 

I  have packed Facebook and Instagram and I  expelled  them from my life for now. (I might marry both Facebook and Instagram but not now,) lol. 

I still have unanswered messages from I think 1888,if I am not wrong. I haven’t even replied to Mohandas. Really

The only things I use is what’s app,  apna Google bhai,hangout (Google’s first son), 

YouTube(Pronounce as U thube, some saliva have to come, try it)  (Google adopted son) .

Orkut 😂😂😂😂,  

(just kidding, It’s Google, neglected son,) 

Have you noticed how most people say ‘what’s app’ ? 

Try saying it ten times very fast, clasping the words among your teeth this how I have heard people saying it with my own, my very own ears, trust me). 

Now,  say it, 


I prefer, a  direct call, I literally call everyone. Like if you message me 

“Kaha ho” 

I would call back. 

“Hello, be back 2 mins ” (2 min,) 

(If someone says to me 2 mins, I would  start my stop watch, and show to them when they appear,)  

you ****** did your 2 mins is equal to 2 hours? 

But I do the same thing though lol. 


I believe in” Sab sahi Hai policy “, (All is well) 

Aaaaal ijjjj bheeel. All foreigners start saying in this tone please, it’s a spell, it works like this really, but,  no guarantee.


As long as it’s not bad, evil, corrupt or crime. 

For eg. 

1.You like going to party, and I don’t 

” sahi hai” (alright) 

2. You like Khatta(sour chutney)  over metha(sweet chutney) 

“sahi h” all is well. 

3. You hate.  me. 

“sahi Hai” all is well. But I don’t hate you.. 

4. You love me. 

“Really” (lol) 😂😂😂😂

Part 2. 

Types of friends, 

My personal favorite is 

a). Jugadoo dost 

(Jugadoo is a type of person who has everything up his sleeves.) 

Inka time to time kharcha Karo, and relax raho. 

(Take care of their stomach, and they would return the favor.) 

“Bhai Fees receipt nikal Wana,” 

(bro I need a fees receipt, I lost the original,), just relax, gets 100 surity. 

Even adhar card. 

b) Girlfriend wala dost. (Gf boy) 

“Mat poocho, din rat, gf, . 

don’t ask about them you probably might know, 

day and night, talking in lowest possible tone, lesser than 20Hz, even dogs cannot listen. 

Even dogs would think “kaan me khoot h kya” (does my ear has ear wax) . 

” My girlfriend says this, my girlfriend says that, my girlfriend wear this, my girlfriend wore that,” 

Dude one  thing more ,.” Their girlfriend looks awesome” 

By default trust me, you would say either of this. 

“Bhaiski, Dk bose, Kaha se, kaise yaar, bhai Batana. ” 

All joke aside, 

I don’t like the term Girlfriend, according to the definition of 2017 standard, the standard of 1880 is still raw and fresh. 

Gold is gold, 

old is gold” 

new one is 

silver, though. 

What will you choose, 

Among, this, amuse. 

Silver is new, 

Old is gold.”

You know man I don’t need to tell. 

Part 3.

(I have done this and it works,) 

Teacher :  state Charles law? 

Me: mam, ( in a freaking, squeeking voice,) 273(i had some idea) of blah blah(monotonous tone), and per rise blah blah…….. Is called Charles law(in a loud voice) 

(immediately sit down, you have to sit down quietly and quickly, just vanish) 


this is my ‘is called’ formula, patented,

Lemme explain

For eg. 

What is earth? 

Blah, blah.. Balaam, ppppp, ********

is called earth. 

Using my formala you can define anything. 

Thank me later kids. 

Keep the randomness alive,

If someone says “Do you have 2mins” 

Take a piece of paper, write ‘2 mins’ give him /her.
Enjoy, but don’t insult anyone. 

Be happy. Laugh. Make others laugh. 
Want to know my thoughts.. 

Read my other random thoughts if your bored now. It would hopefully help. 

Tubelight, ping ping ball(random thoughts) 

monologue series 


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