Song on Love, true love. 

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Standing among horde, 

      Watching others sipping the                  sauce. 

Gleaming and glowing yearning for thee, 

       My eyes searching, the horizon,        a glimse to see. 

Walking crushing the golden leaves 

       Along these passers by, 

Kept looking for you. 

       There is no sign I can find. 

Sat on the side of the aisle, 

       Where, the light of our love                 began.

Watching the same sun, I smile, 

      Witnessing the heart it shines. 

Timing the time, 

     Soothing my eyes 

From dusk to dawn, 

     Still, no sign I can find. 

My love where you stay? 

     Don’t believe you betray. 

The rose I hold. 

     Delicate petals fall away. 

Sun, leaving, as it setting, 

     Began to move, astounding 

Heard the voice, I chose to stay, 

   Said “oh, hey” 

This was the last meeting 

The rose withered with the time fleeting. 

For I believe “no true love, that exists” 

This world’s runs, runnels and runs  veins, 

With it flows the bane. 

Like the bird,  the nightangle

The rose of her blood, crimsoned in red. 

Got thrown away, on bed

Where the cart wheel ran away. 

The silver and gold triumph 

The bird’s rose bleed on the road. 

Aquib Khan. 

Love for me is like a butterfly, I just have to stand still, and it would come to me. 

Any thoughts, please comment, I would love that.

I hope you like this. ☺️☺️☺️☺️

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This is my original work, don’t copy. 

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30 thoughts on “Song on Love, true love. 

  1. I loved this post! Just loved it!! The last part of your poem made me picturise that story, the nightingale and the rose..😍😍😍😍
    Really lovely post!!😘

    Liked by 2 people

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