Random thoughts forgot the numbering lol. 

#funnyblogs (kind of)

(only this or that type of girl(coquette and pretentious etc.) , story of Aman)

It’s me again. I know you dislike me but still. 

So I was writing,  trying to finish this so called monologue series, but I couldn’t. If you haven’t read it throw your ego aside and read it and comment your opinion.

Story (poem) part 1.

Transitory dimension (part 2)

I had my eyes checked and they prescribed me some kind of exercise for my eyes through a machine, doctor’s handwriting are the worst.

(this for my lovely well wisher, who commented taking some time for me, may God bless them with good health and success here and in here hereafter Amin)

I was thinking about my middle school teachers and friends I called them bhai, wo bhai, ye bhai, etc. 

We studied in boys school and really enjoyed the bromance.

Like brothers from different mothers, no freaking goons has the guts to touch us, no freaking quizzes we leave for granted  and grabbed it like a cheese cake, no debators would even come close to us, our cricket team was the best.

(I was the badminton player and represented my school.)

awesome academy, On  Different level,  I feel pity for the coeds in Delhi at least.

LOL we were called, even now, FBI s, fabulous Boscoites inside, we have t shirts too.

To this great personalities who are puppets to a girl, who manages ten or I dunno how many boys, like freaking,  I dunno what.

 I feel pity for you. Really get a life dude.

If you like no I am a I dunno what. Lol

The best girl to follow is your and mine mother, grab her dupatta and just follow her blindly.

That’s it. You are following a girl blindly.(See I have given the remedy, thank me later kids, don’t forget) .

(That type of girl) “Hey Aquib, how are you” I used to remember her during  the ice age,  but still,

“I am fine”, I did not enquired in return.

“No, I need some help”

Am I looking foolish?

These type of girls, I better remain far far away,

I am not falling in your trench, see, bunch of your monkeys, go flock with them.

I helped her in the first place, she flies now in the sky,  getting bunch of idiots, I know she would fall and” now you had no option”,

But there is no option.😂😂😂

This is the benefit of a boys only school, you can mark the fallacy, and be not fooled by this type of girls, (There are only few, I guess).

Integrity, honesty and authenticity is what we should look for in a boy or girl, because if you leave and falls into fallacy, and trap “you are not going to go far”.

I still remember Aman (From the ice age) (name changed for privacy reason, lol, I am kidding😂😂😂😂).

He passed his matriculation in icse with me with flying colors.

He got out in with zeal and valour, obviously,  he then the  “this type of girl” (kind of coquette, pretentious, may be).

He got trapped.,

I told him, “bhai ruk ja, sabhal ja,” (bro control)

“tu yaar jal raha bhai,” (you are getting jealous).

Bla, Bla,.

Now his Facebook status.,  “returning from a depression rehab” .


“kaisa h bhai,”

every now and then.

“khoon chusa Gaye, ghudli,”

(Blood got sucked, freaking mango seed…)
There fore I freaking get very cautious, if someone or “that type of girl”  uses emoticons full of love, kissing, a emoji with hearts, red hearts etc. 💗💗💗💝💝💘💘😍😍😍😍😘😘😘this one, I am not falling for you, sorry.

(I have used only smiling emoji 😇☺️😊😁😂🙃and blue heart. A💙💙)

Like how, big trucks shows.

“Maintain distance”

I appreciate a truthful and honest soul,

That’s it guys.
Do not agree,

don’t agree.

At the end if you become ghudli.

I told you.

It’s hard btw. Lol.

Have a nice day.

Keep the eyes open, open your third eye as well, Gals and guys.

Don’t judge me. Please. Aquib.
Aquib Khan .



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