Monologue continued, part 3. The conversation. 

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part 1

story (peom) 1


Transitory dimension, 2(poem) 


Master I beseech give me a glimpse of my land.

Thy eyes can’t bear propensities of men and their whinges

I fear, your bounded here, vacuous soul

Your bound’s transitory, but I will make you see, 

Good soul, is this what you need? 

You are definitely the Most High.


You prayed for this, this soul to connect

See, the ‘dark’ face, behind this masquerade

Now I cognise: The Almighty.

Why can’t people pensive?

Your everlasting eternal sovereignity.

This brethren, you lied, for: to your umblicus

Most Merciful, I yearn, thy refuge, I was vacuous.

My son, your left book is a blank paper

All Praise,  be on Thee, most Gracious

The Most Generous.


The mishap and tyranny,

The hypocrites being worshipped

And truthful being deceived.

Oh My dear, they Willed, against themselves, 

the will for all mortals are free

Still forgetting, thy shall returneth to Thee

For their peccadillos, We forgive

They persistent obstinately in wicked supreme

They turned on themselves,

Disbelieving the heralds We sent

They forgot, about their resurrection,

And their penalty still to be paid, 

A penitentiary for them is prepared

And their skin to be burnt in fire, Supreme. 

Pictures abhi bake h mere dost.

(The story continues).

Thanks for reading
Aquib Khan.

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15 thoughts on “Monologue continued, part 3. The conversation. 

  1. Hello Aquib. You asked me for feedback on this piece and I have to be truthful. The punctuation marks are very confusing and I’m not certain why you are using them in most cases and in some cases I know they are used incorrectly. That is just mechanics and don’t worry, that can be worked on. I like the spirit behind the piece but I was very confused about the i-pad. That seemed not to fit anything else in all 3 parts. Then at the end here, there was a lot of dialogue and I’m not sure who is speaking to who but I do like the message of what they are saying. It has an unearthly spirit to the piece and I like it for that. Good morals and values. Please don’t read any of what I said harshly. I am merely mentioning some ideas for improvement (as you asked) and because I want you to be the best writer you can, as I would want for any writer with your passion. 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    1. For the iPad, I used it as a metaphor, for the lively earthly actions, since it requested in the first line, I will edit punctuation a bit, and then it would be more clear, thanks. Hopefully.

      Liked by 1 person

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