A song. Peace. #Stayignited

(A view from my classroom)

Take wide steps, be the change 

Don’t be afraid, break the cage. 

Arise awake for life is at stake. 

Every moment is meaningful

Every hardship is a test. 

Born like a hero 

Grown up like a king

Into the world full of extreme.

Making in, our way seem difficult

Strugglin’,  fighting for our place,

Not givin’ in,   drawn from our place.
People hurdlin’, puttin’ the stones,

Exploiting and jarrin’ on their own

Like the six hundred, we marchin’ in,

Like the spartan, we blowin’ in,

Like the Hamzah, we roarin in.

Like the football, they kickin’ us,

Like the Mountains, we standin’ in

Nobody’s game, why you botherin’ in

Mind your roads, you can’t win over us,

We are made from the water, flowin’ in

Silly souls, take a back, we kickin’ in.

We have joined hands, bondin’ in.

Let free all the captives, we come in

Take your arms back, we disarmin’ in.

We are together, peace is flowin’ in

We are together, peace is flowin’ in.

A not so good bard

Aquib Khan.

Keep smiling. 

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Image credit:me (Aquib). Unedited , and google bhaiya.

Copyrights reserved !ns¡ght 2017 Aquib.


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