Hey everyone. Thank you note. 

#gratitude #acknowledgement

How are you all? 

Keep grinding. 

I thought to write some appreciation kind of   poem, but you know, I could not come out with. I already tried with a poem called Here I am.  

Good luck and keep grinding. 

I hope the oil of your factory never get exhausted, 

Keep producing good products, (I don’t intend a pun here, guys control). 

One more thing, I don’t like cocky individualistic person, you are not busy.

Thats all fellas, consider this as a thank you note (not a bill of 2000 rs😐😐😐). 
With love 

Be right back. 

Connect with me. We can be friends forever as I said earlier. 



(Google hangout and email id). 


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the unsung poet..

10 thoughts on “Hey everyone. Thank you note. 

  1. i am so confused bc in the email notification of this I see your list of names and acknowledgements of us and when i went to your site to read it all more carefully, it’s different than the email and the names aren’t there. so did you change the post later or is something wrong with me or my computer? hahaha. anyway. you’re an awesome person. thank you for being a fellow blogger alongside me!!! i appreciate you

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