A horror story. Ch1. Ghost of the stairs. 

Bear with me my dear readers for few hours, days years and for lifetime. 

Am I asking for more? 

I think ‘no’ . 

Now I know. (I know…. I just know.). 

So readers how was your Sunday? 

Now it’s night here,  let’s talk about some horror stuffs, real horror stuffs. 


What do you see in the voids around you? nothing. 

But, trust me there is something, 

Something that has been there with you, keeping an eye on you. 

Satan, yes readers, Satan is the main culprit. An open enemy for humans. 

They take forms according to your weaknesses and make you believe in what you should not believe. 

Now, of course there are many incidences that you might have heard or knew about that, you may not believe but those who believe most of them knew not, what they must be knowing. 

My father worked as employee  in an government office called FCI. He just wanted his goal to be achieved, that is, a house for us. I am so thankful to him. He was short of money but someone out of nowhere appeared to my father to offer a plot of land, little did we know that it was haunted, and not even that, the  street, gali was called the Bhutahi gali. 

My father had some idea about that plot but he ignored and does not gave the damn heck about this, he gave the contract for the house and within a year we shifted in. 

Bam, first day first show for the alienating agents, nothing happened.. thankfully. 

Next day, sister coming with mountain of books rearranging it in a bookshelf, whenever we had quarrels I know how to get vengeance, just misplace her books, that’s it. They were her price possessions.

My sister was studying, It was 11:00 pm at night.  

“Api,  can you please  switch off the bulb, it’s damn hurting my eyes”. 

She switched it off, turning on the study lamp and studying. She was in intermediate and was a topper in her matriculation, she was given the star award in her icse board’s.(really) 

RIGHT  beside our house there were ruins of the haveli. Yes, we were living in the abandoned haveli, extending to hectares of land, one of which we totally banished it and  reconstructed according to the architectural abstract , and the plot besides us was also purchased but hardly anyone came to look after it, it was full of bushes and serpents.  Hissing sound and what not, can be heard. 

I woke up, it was late night I could hear the ticking of the clock I saw my sister sleeping in her bed. I tread forward clumsily.  I got some goosebumps, out of nowhere, I turned back and heard stamping sound at the staircase, my fear was increasing and all my senses became active ready to flee from there, I moved forward  And gazed from the corner, I could make out the apparition,  it’s outline in the pitch black darkness vanishing in the black hole, I could not hold on another stare, I fleed banging at my parents door, my mom opened the door I made up my mind am going to leave my sister alone and sleep with my mom and dad, I know that’s not going to happen. 

“Aquib, you must not fear…. “,  he said in a most manly voice. 

but father, 

 he took to me to stairs and made me stood for 2-3 minutes. I stood there saw nothing. 

“Coward ghost” I told and saw my sister smiling at me. 

“why my family is normal about it? ” I kept thinking about it. 

Cloacked myself in my quill and slept waking up irritated by the sun beam piercing my eyes. 

“Why God, why the night is so short and days always long taking forever to end”, I complained to God. 

God must be replying, “Really? Son “. 

I must have been thanking him. 

I rearrange my stuffs unpacking from my cartoons. 

“Wanna play carrom board?” I know she would deny, she is a champion in carrot though. 

“No, I have to solve my physics objectives”. 

“Go on nerd” feeling pissed off. 

I ended up studying with her, trying to solve some pipe cistern problems and unitary problems. Today my grandma and grandpa would arrive, I know it’s for me. I now realize it’s for me. Grandma and grandpa would live with us, we were excited. I was feeling so happy I was pitying the ghost, 

“Damn ghost you will now have tough time, her spells expecto patronum, will give chills to ghost” 

This time my sister got displaced to join my grandpa because she loved him a lot and he, in return loved her to death, he would polish her shoes, do her uniforms and press them neatly, she was his princess. 

Few months later, 

Everyone of my family came to the funeral of my grandfather. 

My sister was feverntly grieving. 

And his death made her so upset that she lost the pace in her studies for a month or so and because of this her marks in her test drops to 80s she was the type of student whose marks would always be in 90s.

Till now the actual cause of his death is unknown, he fell down while at night and,  God knows, he ended in a weird fracture at his back and then after few weeks he left us. He wasnt that old, he was a sporty person and played football in his days. 

My nanny too expired in our house, when she started living with us. 


I could still remember the closed  windows banged opened suddenly in the midnight, during our examination days, my parents never showed the fear in front of us, that gave us impetus. They would always behave as it’s normal. 


Next part. 

The snowy ghost. 

Good night.  

If you are fearful, let me know I have a remedy if you wanna know. 

Aquib Khan. 

Tell me if I should continue. 

(I have also written a poem, I thought I should ask for a review, but dropped the idea, don’t ask me why? .) 



54 thoughts on “A horror story. Ch1. Ghost of the stairs. 

  1. Bhai mere I dont want any other part. Even if u do so dont share with me. It happened all natural and nothing spooky abt it. Though we are alwz scared. AND U KNOW I DONT LYK THESE STUFF they leave bad memories. Plz i dont want to recollect all those …..

    Liked by 1 person

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