Path (unfinished) 

#poem #insight

Deep into the clouds of horde

Alone with everybody 

I walk searching for my aisle

In the darkness of frivolity. 

To my path as I walk. 

As I walk with folks around

The faces I missed, masked. 

To its vanity I got ensnarled 

To my dears, I wrote words in my heart. 

I may end here but you should go on. 

‘What happened, happened! try to move on,

Nothing ‘s permanent here, carry on…’ 

I tread, 

To a place of unstinted abundance 

And a realm magnificent, 

I stretched my vision, 

For some clue and signs. 

(originally, I wrote this in my free class’ s period  but  last two stanzas got erased in my pockets, haste make a waste, dang it.  

but now  It turned out like this , hope you like it., btw..)

Have an awesome day.

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here i am. main hoon na.poem

the story . poem.

be th change, motivational

Nothing to comment just wave me hi in th comments

Aquib Khan (pissed off a little bit at myself and my note app.🙁😠🙁)

©Copyright reserved !ns¡ght 2017.


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