The Cliff. 

​#poem #insight. 

Looked far away from where I was standing among the crowds, see a giant cliff and wore a shroud.

Moved ahead in the gloomy nights all alone, watching dogs barking, shrieking noises of the dragon flies. 

Walked and walked as the sun shines and crowds moved in quagmire of life. 

I saw drooped vertebrae longing for sons and daughters with faces looking above and counting their days. 

I saw grown-up of zygotes bewildering their roots of once umblicused soul with their mouth. 

I saw evil faces, shining the dark radiance, and joining their fane. 

I walked alone among the friends, once I stood for their antsy minds, now refused to remain. 

I continued walking over and over, and saw until my eyes didn’t take. 

I sat beneath the oak tree, and lacmyral drops the Brine from the sclera  of the mind. 

I did not want to tell my friends but my mind cannot hold the burden of the mortal mights.

The time still ticks in the dead dials and I moved, ’cause I don’t have time. 

I moved and moved through the flim flam and glitzy walls, through the trampling and through the pickets of wars, through relegated soul and through the materialistic ensnared soul. 

Let me move, for beloved stood there watching me blanched and sulled in the horrors of the world with a insidious smile, I moved for they don’t know the line, for they sundered the ratification made. 

Let me move away from your humanoid  feral and beasts, for them reprisals await. 

Let me move, let move I am near the cliff ‘s jag, I took a step watching behind and left all my stakes, I saw with my close gardens of rivers flowing beneath, I smile as I vanish away. 

Aquib khan
©Copyright reserved  !ns¡ght2017

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