True love…  (poem) 

Telling you an awesome tale,

Of a boy who lives and search his bays.

happiness he spread with no hatred. 

And spent his days with his chosen  friends, 

Smiling and sharing gleeful  tales. 

He grew up with principles and fables, learnt. 

And met and made new friends with group of boys and girls. 

One such among took his heart, 

And he fell for her, as if he got ensnarled. 

He helped and glued with her,

But his Adhesive were so pale.

An another boy took his love

So far in stinted fane,

She did not realise, and followed,

For the boy looked in aghast shallow.

He spent days and nights sinking in the thoughts,

For actually,  what went wrong!

The relinquishing remarks he made,

This wasn’t his love, and it’s a mistake. ..

He went forth treading his paths

Becoming what he desires,

And engrossing the thing he admire,.

He sat one day, and thought for his love.

Tears formed in his eyes and dried

As his comrades can infer.

All his days passed like a unquenchable thirst…

‘All I did,  was only for her return..

A piece of my heart is still with her..

Alas, my remorse can never discern.’

He grew and grew and grew old.

His might and strength and body senescenced,
A parchment paper appears and says,

‘The love you craved has died,

The girl once you  loved, has realised’

For her hearts beated for him,

Craving to returned to her  vortex

But alas! everything were too late.

His thirst quenched with the ink,

As it disappears with the tears in every winks.

And closed his eyes with a smile

And saw his love talking to him, again

Taking him to the  magnificent realm of sane.

Aquib khan .

Just an extra pic. 

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©copyright reservered.!ns¡ght 2017


Image credits :to their owners and does not belong to me. And Google image search.



66 thoughts on “True love…  (poem) 

      1. The fact is that you might love somebody who does not care for you. And the harder you try and run after that person the more he will reject you. Believe me it happens often. I have experienced it myself. Lara

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh, Shayra, kuch zyda tareef kardi apne. 🙃🙃
      Well thank you for stopping by and reading it.
      Have an awesome day and enjoy and these holidays, wow sat, sun, mon, and tomorrow, yay.


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