words I have….. 

words I have to say lurking in the greyest matter of the brain.

To be me is the toughest task I take.

For the people it may seem wary, but I hide through my smile a longing unfathomable to be deciphered.

To my lonely self I speak for he is complaining to myself to complement himself through me.

Sure time ticks making present as moments and as it goes it devours each cell to senescence.

A withering nature of human reminds us each day can be the last, each micro second can be the last one.

People appear and disappear like fruits growing and it fall away.

A need,  a sense of belonging is infinitesimally small if its equated with time.

Thrown away books smile in the tears and as silver fishes turn it into dust, each says ‘ just for one bad chapter you had thrown me away’.

Your nature as stubborn and ignoble it can be lastly it breaks your spinal of your identity.

A word I have to say lurking in the greyest  matter of the brain. 


©Copyright reserved !ns¡ght 2017

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54 thoughts on “words I have….. 

      1. It’s all My pleasure Lara. Same here, looking forward to see Canada through your camera ‘s lenses. And yea stay blessed and enjoy the Sunday.☺️. Good night. (2:13 am here lol).

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      1. I think in an interview or in a formal setting first impression is important. But if it is a personal relation then firat impression can never be the last. You can never know someone in just meeting him once. That’s my opinion.

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