The other side. 

A child crying for a new attire, 

Cannot see a man without a hide. 

For a new sneakers, 

Cannot see the only one pair. 

I saw,  friends, yes, with a tear. 

For a man denied a money, 

But gave in front of his dear.

I saw, my friend, again with a tear. 

Look, she throws in a bin, 

And among dogs there is a kid. 

Fighting for his own bit.

His friends gave a sneer,

Yes, my friend, I saw with a tear. 

Look he cries for a friends he had none 

I saw, again, with, with most loyal one. 

I saw him with friends I see, for a time

But now he had the most loyal one. 

I smile  with a tear.


“See, don’t be sad for a misfortune,

A loss or a failure, you see this man,  

He carries weight and walks a mile 

For he has nothing, but  something to smile. 

And spirited high, and with all his gears. 

I smiled again with a tear. 

Remember the tale of Moses

For his  heavenly friend, chosen

A butcher man, feeding with his own hand,

To His mother weak and old.

See out of your niche, 

And hatch out of your cacoon, 

For a molding is left, a transformation to the next.

Bards of past do numbers

Their words do echo 

Rumi and Longfellow, and Keats and many more, 

And their lingering words, still lives 

For their mark on the sands of time, 

Cannot be washed by the winds

For I say, my good soul, the blinkers 

The eyes need to see other side, 

A sides, where, you had a pool, 

They had a stretches of seas, 

You have dogs, but they have friends to see. 

You have garden limited, but their land, stretches to horizon. 

But you have everything  , and they had nothing. 


Aquib khan.

Always keep smiling. 

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Published by AQUIB

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75 thoughts on “The other side. 

      1. عيد مبارك عقيب اخى العزيز
        أعاده الله عليكم بالخير والبركات
        وجزيتم خيرا

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  1. Take a home work for tomorrow 🙂
    اللغة العربية لغة سهلة ورائعة
    هى لغة القران الكريم ولغة اهل الجنة
    جعلنا الله واياكم من اهل الجنة
    ووقانا واياكم من النار

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