Awards,  gratitude. 

(Poking you) , how are you?  fine,? Keep grinding of whatever you are into. 

Lately I have been nominated by few awesome bloggers and awesome person. 

Its exiting and I love it, being nominated(lol, don’t judge me) , but the real thing is to respond  back. Being a lazy and ‘talu’ person, see I am not using the word ‘procrastinating’ I coined a new term, not new but a hindi word, which means a person who does everything at the 12th hour. (This sucks). 

Now fatafat. (Fatafat is also a hindi word and it means quickly, but you know it does not actually be translated to quickly) 

Get to know me child tag.  I was nominated 

By punmeet and shayra

Please visit their blog, they are awesome, friendly , jovial, person and their blogs are worth reading. 

As a child I was an angry boy. 

My primary schooling a coed was full of fights. I have the anger management problem there I was notoriously known, which I hated so much. I remember beating a child bullyier, shubham was his name, big fat boy always thought of being a boss, or I just swang at him because he was bothering during the break. 

Later in our middle we became friends. 

I was a shy kid, always wore a full trousers, no half pants, I was so much, I dunno what. 

Then off to middle school, bam,  a boys school, really enjoyed ther.

At home my father and me would argue over play station games. We were so passionate.  

I remember,  as told by my sister,  when I was a child I slapped a person on my birthday. 

Here is the excerpt. 

I was  standing receiving gifts, with birthday chores being sung at the top of the voices by every kid enjoying the party.  I was feeling so irritated by all this humming and drumming and it was so noisy, my sister noticed my anguish and frenzied face. She was calm standing beside me receiving gifts on my behalf, screening me from the people becoming the victim of my anger, one of my cousin crossed this screening effect, my sister is like ‘Noooooo’ he came patted my head, (undid my hair), I did nothing, squeezed my cheeks, I stayed calm and composed , then he crossed the boundaries and approached to kiss me bam one slap, my sister confirmed  a tight and echoing slap. 

My mother  really got concerned about my anger issues and all the Beefs I was collecting at school,  with neighbours I was cool though . 

Slowly I dunno how my anger issues subsidized greatly, I became peaceful. 

Someone return that anger please, I suspect that my mom, she must have prayed for me. 

That was my power, like hulk. 

I miss my hulk-me.  

Nominations- all the readers. 

Unique Blogger Award by Alesha 

She writes so comically a must visit blog esp those who like animes, various kind of serials, etc. A very good friend – material ,  who is a girl to someone who is also a girl. 

aleasha (click ,don’t wait)
And she is been with the site from a very long time, and I am thankful for being a good friend.(Actually I am very bad in making friends) 

And I am sorry for responding after a decade. 

Nominations – all the readers. 

Blogger Recognition Award, nomination. 

Superwifeandmommy (click here asap)

This one, honestly gave me skyish smile. And she is an super in writing and her blogs and writing are so comical, really it makes anyone smile her poems are superb. 


1. Brief story how I started? 

I just started. One day I sat and bam, I am here with. 

2. Give two pieces of advice to new bloggers. 

Give me only one piece of cake. Honesty is the bestest policy. 

3. Select 10.

I have selected all those who are reading bam. 

Nominations . 

I used to select before but now there are many of them. They are all awesome. If you are reading this feel nominated and write about your weird, obnoxious, funny childhood stories would love to read that. You can share the link down below and respond on it or comment down  here and  whatever you wish is apt. 

Guys, I am done, wow, I have completed this task . Spare my shortcomings please. 


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      1. Wiase you can meditate remembering God, God needs no intercession now, no mediator call Him with beautiful name, like Creator, destroyer, Rehman, Raheem to Him belong the most beautiful name, it’s just portrays or remind you particularly of His attributes.

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