The game – 2 (peom) 

Game 1

I  was wrong to think of you of my own kind. 

I was wrong to call you a friend of mine. 

I was wrong to wait  for  you . 

I was wrong and  you  proved me right. 

To think of shallowness of water, 

Until I plunge to choke in the benthic. 

To think of softness of your heart,

Until I  stumbled over that. 

The smile I received with the scintillating stars, 

The breeze pecked me with the trees laughing with me, 

The peace I receive when my forehead sunk in praising the Almighty. 

World’s chores are like that, 

The prerogatives are bit harsh, 

 Darkened soul with benefits and ready to give scars, 

Choose the emanating stars, 

That burns within itself, 

And shine glistening with the light. 

©copyright reserved  !ns¡ght2017


Published by AQUIB

the unsung poet..

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