A star. 

Time and now under the dorky nights, 

Resting there with all the glittery stars,
And with sweet smiling glistening moons.

A bright star set apart his journey,
The dwarf one in the ever expanding universe, 

Crossing the pack of asteroids,

Moving in the jolting zig zag way.
Crossing constellation of its species burning intensely .
The enigmatic planets surround him, attracted, and exploited its shine and energy.
 black holes, a tunnel, dark and deep.
So powerful that things vanished as it see.
It crosses its periphery with sign of relief.

The entire cosmic’s ups and downs
The heavenly motions and laws
All of them following in a defined pattern
Setting up a magnificent equilibrium.

days of its, the core, has a limit.
The thoughts of this star has no free will.
Burning till epochs to only condensed and  chill.
Whilst my eyes lid shuttering the eyes ,
and yearning what’s special.. for  all  of these? .

(to be continued)

 ©Copyright reserved  !ns¡ght 2017 

(just a fact, starts do revolve and rotate its not fixed at  a certain point) 


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the unsung poet..

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