Having a break and having a kit kat


Yea, guys I hope you are doing good. May all your endeavors bears fruit of your honest and righteous struggles.
I dunno know the length of  duration of my break. 

I am uninstalling the app (First) because my love for all your great, worthy posts will surpass my screening or my shielding, eventually, not helping myself to atleast swim in the pool of your awesome words, in this great community.
it was overwhelming and obliging for me to receive your comments, your love and support. It meant a world to me. Thank you  my friends.

I am truly blessed to meet great writers and poets (esses), and great people , hopefully their works bring them the scintillating stars of successes.

Till then, stay blessed, dont follow ‘the whispers of evil’.

With these lines


If you miss the train I am on

You will know that I am gone

You can  hear the whistle blow

A hundred miles.,

I bid you all with lots of love and luck, with a smile on my face. ,

till then,

Have a great day and life.

Sorry if I have ever hurt you in anyway. It wasn’t  my intention.

Returning InshaAllah very soon.

Remember ‘m’ remember ‘e’ …(LOL cheesy)..



!ns¡ght 2017.

Published by AQUIB

the unsung poet..

35 thoughts on “Having a break and having a kit kat

  1. Hello 😊 this is the fırst time i have ever read a poem in English and it sounds really good . I just got the meaning of it and love it 😊🌸 do keep blogging ! Best ,

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      1. Thanks for the recommendation..😊 i will take a look at it at my convenience. Yes , they are the topics which we all are maybe suffering or hungry to learn. . Do stay tuned . Coming soon😊 My mother language is Turkish . Some Turkish poems and poem writers are also very popular around the world . I am not sure if you heard before or not. For instance ; Nazım Hikmet Ran, Orhan Veli 😊 please kindly check their poems if you would like and tell me what you think 😊🌸 best ,

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