With the sweet words

And the smile on the face

Accolades for everyone

Withering each day,

From the dusk to dawn

Hearing the bursting of cloud

With the flash of thunderstorm

Waiting each day for the rain

To the sweet face, drenching it wet

Seeing their gates wide open

Smiling each day, for the drops to come.



Standing at the station

Watching the train stops.

Yearning for my dear to appear.

With all the whistling vanishing

the platform gets clear.


Walking like an agitated stoic soul

To the jungle of beast kinship

Getting weak by its dementor

Until, a glowing  sweet soul,

With eyes wide glancing,.

Like an apparition so high but so nigh

Calling to the awaited fane..

Giving me the cup free of frivolity

Free of all ill taint.

©Copyright reserved !ns¡ght 2017

Aquib Khan

here I am. 

the story (poem Part1). 
betrayal song. 

Email me for feedback and comment down if you have any thoughts.

Published by AQUIB

the unsung poet..

62 thoughts on “Beloved. 

      1. BRIJKAULBLOG ….brother i just read your articles…some are amazing…but one that i can’t resist myself to answer you is that one…brother personally i am not that indian pakistan critisist ..i love both countries…you said about terrorism…. Terrorism has nothing to do with Pak … our children and our families are being attacked how can you even say that we are helping these terrorists to kill our own people…. blame terrorism not the victims… we are already fighting against these terrorists we are not feeding them…now pak is known by the name of terroist…while we are not supporting this like other countries of world…so as you said same …Both countries must play their own role to solve issues …Hope so you understand if you are not seeing this as indian pakistan😞…

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