In the reflection of a shallow lake, 

searching deep in eyes of my trifling love’s vitreous. 

In the wave of chaotic busy life, 

In the search of the alchemy 

I ventured in the horizon of my own strife. 

In an ambiguity of perplexing dilemmas, 

floundering in the sea of emotions. 

In search for an anchor.  

In search of the precipice of the gleam,  

I sailed in the tides of my predicaments.

 Like a gypsy, trudging in the deplorable waves, 

Searching for a shore or a peg. 

In the consignation of loathing smite, 

I fumble across a bereaving part of ‘me’ . 

That kept telling me

that why I left thee. 

In savanna of my desires 

In the nudges of my own fire 

In the search of my hearts sire 

I transcend coalescing along with   ‘me’ , 

That kept sobbing on me, 

That why I left thee.

Comment your thoughts too,  my dear readers, would appreciate it a lot. 

©Copyright reserved 2017 

Aquib.. Without love, just kidding,  yours affectionately. 

Published by AQUIB

the unsung poet..

69 thoughts on “Transcendence. 

  1. See one of the comments, praising the logo. I removed it coz you deleted your post when I pinged back the post of the logo. Don’t be such a ignorant, I mean how can you questions it again, when I it’s publicly displayed do I have to show evidence or eye witnesses, that’s, what can I say…
    you still have not reposted it, did you? . You made a logo for your bloggers friend that means you made it, that’s its!!!!, it’s your show casing your talent.


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