Monologue.  Part 1.(Story) 


I sat beside the bonfire.  

Feeling the warmth and tenderness. 

And the flames glowing valiantly. 

To my other side I saw none, 

I looked for the stake, but there was nothing. 

Absolutely dark and as my eyes were yearning and stretched to the horizon. 
An apparition appeared and sat beside me. 

And took my head as I reclined onto the shoulder. 

I slept beneath the dark clouds. 

And as I woke again, the flame got extinguished. 

The momentary warmed and stake seems  bygone. 

I saw it disappearing behind the cloak of darkness.


I looked above, and it said:

you are alone,

you are weak ,

you are vulnerable,  

you withered,

Alone! ;You got busy in lifting others up.

Weak!  : You shared your strength with others.

Vulnerable! ; you shared your secrets.   

Withered!  ;you inflicted other’s pain onto yourself. 


You have what other lack, honesty. 

You have what other requires, integrity! . 

You have excess what most of ’em  lack, kindness! . 

You have one special thing 

A living heart! . 

You cried in your loneliness, and did not reveal. 

You made prayers for other, and did not reveal. 

You gave money but never yearned for return. 

You did everything possible, for no exchange.


Now sleep, my son, you are tired.. 

That apparition was your friend, 

To comfort your soul.. 

Your time has come to depart… 

You must set  free yourself. 

You, my son 

This world looks like a prison. 


For those who Reflect and believe. 

Glad tiding onto you  my son.  

For your free. 

 your free.. 

your free .. 

(Part 2. Flame gets rekindled………………….) 



Please do read the other parts, and share your thoughts. 

part 2

part 3 conclusion 

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