Old relics 

Haven’t seen those friends in ages!

Bereaved in the neglected corner of disposition,

Lying sleepless but  calm and still

That made me the person, I stood. 

Never complained for the jagged dent I made. 

Never complained of the silvery fish that gnawed its tale. 

Those yellowing  pages turned tattered

Never will I repay those. 

Never will I find such true friends!! 


Forayed and incarcerated by me. 

Festering in the calumnious callosity . 

Festooned by the silhouette of dirt. 

Fagging and waiting to crumble 

Finding again for its vivacious place. 

Nudging that now it belong to someone else. 

To a deprived child that can take care, 

Who can engross its true essence 

This is how I can return 

To its true ineffable place. 

©Copyright reserved. 2017.


Published by AQUIB

the unsung poet..

59 thoughts on “Old relics 

    1. Well said chronicles, as we ‘a thing of beauty is joy forever’, happiness, contentment is in our sorrounding, all we need is just step up a bit. Thanks for the read. Stay blessed. 💞


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